The Rock & Others Trend, JR Comments on Rock’s Return to WWE

– Marko sent word that The Rock, Dwayne Johnson, Michael Cole and Stephanie McMahon were all trending worldwide on Twitter during RAW last night. The Stephanie McMahon trend likely comes from people thinking it was her wearing the high-heels that got out of the limousine on RAW.



– Jim Ross wrote the following on Twitter tonight about The Rock’s return:

“The Great One is back 4 WM27! The Rock will host Wrestlemania. He looks awesome.

Dwayne Johnson’s classic ‘Rock’ promo 2nite on RAW was the best thing on RAW in recent memory. Young wrestlers hopefully paid attention.

Stone Cold also did some classic, long promos back in the day. It’s a lost art w/o question. Rock hit a grand slam.”

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