The Rock recalls WrestleMania 29 injury

The Rock hasn’t wrestled an actual length match since 2013 and the reason behind it is believed to be the injury he suffered during his match with John Cena back then.



The injury caused a delay in his movie projects which cost producers a good amount of money and he hasn’t wrestled since then because it would increase the risk for his ongoing projects being put on hold once again.

During a recent interview during Los Angeles Lakers Genius Talks, The Great One talked about the bout at WrestleMania 29 and recalled the moment of the match when he got injured:

“At the 15 minute mark, ‘bang!’ I feel something pop and I’m like ‘What the f—?’ I’m laying there and both of us are out,” Rock said. “I said ‘Oh f—, something is going on.’ 85,000 people and I sort of roll over and stick my hand down in my trunks because I wanted to make sure no bone was sticking out.”

Later in the interview, the Rock explained why he decided to continue the match saying that he kept going because the whole roster backstage was relying on a great main event.

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