The Rock Unloads On ‘Dirty’ Wrestling Promoter

The Rock remains one of the most popular pro wrestlers the industry has ever seen, with his influence still being felt in the business. He had a lot of struggles during his time as a young wrestler in WWE and faced many adversities. John Cena ranted about having to lose to The Rock.



After the latest episode of ‘Young Rock’ finished airing, Rare Editor Jack Hunter recently took to Twitter and commented on the episode.

Teenage @TheRock knocking out a kid at school for calling wrestling “fake” just made my night. Because you know it happened. #YoungRock

The Rock replied to Hunter, where he said that he hit a piledriver on a kid in elementary school and then knocked out someone in high school for calling pro wrestling ”fake.”

Hi Jack, yup it sure did happen. Twice. I pile drived a kid in elementary. KO’d a kid in high school. Got suspended both times. I was wrong. But back in the 80s I was taught by my dad and all the wrestlers to always “protect the business”. It’s what we did. #YoungRock

The episode also featured the ugly underbelly of the pro wrestling business, most notably the promoters. The Rock responded to a fan who mentioned this.

There was a harsh/seedy underbelly to pro wrestling for decades and decades. It was what it was and you did your best to keep your head on a swivel in those shark infested waters

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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