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The truth behind Ausin Aries’ IMPACT Wrestling departure

Austin Aries’ departure from IMPACT Wrestling was definitely a shock to fans as they did not expect that to happen. While his final match saw him as a champion, he dropped the title to Johnny Impact. After the match concluded, Aries didn’t sell the finish walked out of the arena while cursing Don Callis the whole time.

On PW Insider Elite audio, Mike Johnson was asked about Austin Aries’ Impact Wrestling departure. He revealed some events that were unknown to fans as it was a deal where Aries was almost certainly going to get fired, so he left before they could fire him.

“It was a sorta you fired me, you can’t fire me, I quit sort of deal.”

“He was scheduled to lose the belt that night, that was the finish. He obviously was not happy about the finish and he made it clear that he wasn’t happy on the way out.”

Johnson added that “he left the company that night.” The company apparently had more plans for Austin Aries.

“The original plan was for him to work all the Impact Tapings coming out of Bound for Glory but instead he went home.”

Aries does not wrestle as much anymore. Perhaps one day Impact Wrestling might be able to sign him again, but that won’t be anytime soon.

  • CC

    I said this before with Neville as well. As much as I like him, and can understand his frustrations with his position in the company, getting all bent out of shape because he was asked to drop the title to Enzo was ridiculous.

    Enzo may have been a douche and less talented, but to walk out because of that just was not professional and kinda arrogant in some respects.

  • Keith Learmonth

    There should be no room in any wrestling company for wrestlers who threaten to, or actively quit if they’re asked to drop a title, or don’t get handed one.

    I can understand being frustrated with your position in a company, and wanting better for yourself, but they can’t just give the title out to every dude who goes “I’ve worked my *** off for this industry! I deserve this!”, or it would switch holders every week.

  • Grant Thomson

    This happened 5 months ago