The Truth:Potential Royal Rumble Entrants

This years edition of the Royal Rumble has a different feel to it, as for the first time ever there are going to be 40 Superstars involved in the main event. I am really surprised WWE is pursing this, there is almost never a need to hype the rumble IMO, as it is easily the most exciting PPV of the year, so adding another 10 Superstars to me just seems unnecessary.



There are two quick things I hope this does not change, one is the time for the match. I hope it is given enough length so that eliminations are not just all clumped together. Secondly I hope they do not revert back to having just one minute in between entrances. A minute and half is a good compromise from two minutes but one minute is just too quick for there to be any suspense, so WWE please… keep the time as it is.

With that said, lets move on to some potential rumble entrants who could make an impact at this years edition of the Royal Rumble.

Chris Jericho: so many of us are eager to see Jericho back in the ring, as I am. I have not viewed the current Fozzy schedule that was apparently posted earlier this week, so I have know way of knowing whether Jericho has a scheduling conflict. My instincts tell me Jericho will not appear at this years event but possibly closer to WrestleMania if he does return in the near future.

possibility: not very likely

Christian: again I have no knowledge of the time table of his injury but provided he is healthy enough, Captain Charsima could make a big splash at this years event. At least with people who believe he truly deserves to be pushed, unfortunately Vince McMahon doesn’t appear to be in that group. Maybe he will see the light and Christian will be able to fulfill all his potential….here is a hint Vince, heel turn.

possibility: I would say almost certain if he is healthy

Evan Bourne: not the biggest potential entrant, name or size wise. But Bourne does bring a great high flying pace to the show and while his particular style isn’t exactly suited for the rumble match, it would be nice to see him back in time for a spot in the MITB match at WM, provided there is one this year.

possibility: provided he is fully healed, very possible

Shawn Michaels: this name will inevitably come up with his appearance on Raw but this won’t happen. (I don’t think) It doesn’t make much sense for Michaels to enter, unless they are going to pursue him vs. Del Rio at WM. In that case it would make perfect sense for him to enter and eliminate Del Rio. Wow now that I say it this actually does make some sense. Everyone would love to see HBK return for one more match, and WM is always in need of star power. I hope WWE is on the same page.

possibility: I would guess less than 50 percent

Triple H: everyone seems to think he is guaranteed to return at the rumble and it is about time. At some point he has to return before Mania and now with 40 entrants, it seems you would almost have to make Hunter one of the 40 stars to fill up the match. I am always one for holding off on a sure thing to help create more suspense but in this case give the fans what they want. Triple H number 37…man that sounds weird.

possibility: very probable

Awesome Kong: that is not a misprint unfortunately. With rumors that Kong has apparently signed with WWE, it isn’t impossible that her name will be called in two weeks. With 10 extra spots in the rumble and WWE’s propensity towards putting powerful women in the rumble match, the idea that Kong will appear in the Royal Rumble seems more and more likely. I don’t like the idea but I guess it wouldn’t be the worst thing we’ve seen in WWE now would it.

possibility: if she has signed, very likely

Randy Orton: I would like to think one year that the top stars who are in a championship match and happen to lose that night, aren’t held out of the rumble itself. The only time I remember this happening is when Kurt Angle bullied Nunzio out of his spot in 05′. There usually are not enough credible threats to win the rumble and assuming Orton doesn’t win the WWE title that night, he would be a welcome addition to the RR.

possibility: Id like to think very possible, but probably closer to 60 percent

Sting: I don’t know too much about his current status but I have read he isn’t currently signed by TNA and that WWE is interested. They may be looking to do something more geared toward mania but what a surprise entrant this would be. Regardless of his condition, Sting being involved in any sort of in ring and on camera angle with WWE would be extremely interesting to watch.

possibility: very remote

Those are my thoughts, as always, feel free to include yours.

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