Thunder And Lightning: TNA Turning Point 2012 Preview

Thunder and Lightning are back for TNA’s Turning Point pay per view, so let’s jump right in!



Knockouts Tag Team Championship: ODB and Eric Young vs Jesse Godderz and Tara

ML: With EY’s tweet about being done with TNA, and the fact that TNA seems to think that this Tara and Godderz storyline is actually good, I’m expecting this match to not be much of a match at all. These tag team titles have been irrelevant for so long that TNA just needs to drop them altogether.
Prediction: Tara & Jesse Godderz to become the New TNA Knockouts Tag Champions
Confidence Points: 2

JT: This rivalry has been pretty funny with ODB’s character, but the lack of Knockouts wrestling since is started has been quite the disappointment. ODB is there for entertainment, and while I appreciate her entertainment, I would’ve preferred to see ODB, Tara, and Tessmacher in a triple threat for the Knockout’s Title. I speculate that Tara and Jesse will win the titles here, and I’m guessing it’s because Eric Young won’t be himself(character change) or he may not even show up for the match on Sunday(Young was rumored to have worked his last match already in TNA). I predict Jesse and Tara to become the NEW Knockouts
Tag Team Champions. Confidence Points: 5

X-Division Championship: Rob Van Dam vs Joey Ryan

ML: I love the fact that Joey Ryan is already being featured in the X-Division. I was impressed with his Gut Check Match and from everything I have seen, I like. RVD holding the X-Division Title is part of TNA’s “turning point” in trying to re-establish itself as a major promotion. The X-Division needs to be featured more on their primary show to keep the division from fading into the back.
Prediction: RVD to retain the X-Division Championship
Confidence Points: 4

JT: First thing’s first: Zema Ion was a good candidate to lead the X-Division, and the wrestlers at Destination X were a solid bunch of performers that would have been fun to watch on tv ever week. Since the DX ppv took place, we’ve hardly seen ANY emphasis on the X Division. I probably sound like a broken record, and this is why I’m going to drop this now. Joey Ryan and RVD will have a good match at the pay per view, but the lack of the X Division on Impact every week(RVD included) has made TNA’s show that much worse to watch. I’ll predict with the help of Matt Morgan that Joey Ryan becomes the new X Division Champion on Sunday. Confidence Points: 3

No DQ World Television Championship: Samoa Joe vs Magnus

ML: Rematch from Bound For Glory which saw Joe beat Magnus. Magnus is setup nicely for the future in TNA and he has big time potential written all over him. Joe has become more and more relevant lately and he has been putting on some of the best matches in TNA. This match has the potential to be one of the better matches on the card.
Prediction: Magnus to become the World Television Champion
Confidence Points: 4

JT: I love what TNA has done with Joe’s gimmick, and I’m hoping that he doesn’t just become an irrelevant joke again down the road when they stop having ideas for him. Magnus is up and coming star, but this rivalry with Joe hasn’t really been given as much of a build as I would’ve given it to keep people interested. I honestly feel like it’s too soon to give Magnus the title, and something in my gut tells me TNA will keep the gold on Joe. Samoa Joe retains the championship. Confidence Points: 4

World Tag Team Championship: Kazarian and Daniels vs Chavo and Hernandez

ML: I believe this will be it for Kaz and Daniels as a Tag Team, unless TNA feels that they need them in their tag team division. I would like to see Daniels and Kaz in the World Title picture or even in the X-Division Title picture. I still haven’t caught onto the Chavo and Hernandez train, apparently I won’t either because I just can’t seem to find their appeal. TNA made such a big deal about Chavo’s signing that it seemed like only a matter of time before gold was around his waist.
Prediction: Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez to retain the Tag Team Titles
Confidence Points: 3

JT: There isn’t too much to say about this one. Hernandez has looked really good in the ring as of late and can really move for a big guy. Chavo has just been typical Chavo. I’m not a huge fan of the guy even though he is a fairly talented wrestler. Daniels and Kazarian are good as a tag team, but both guys are so good as singles competitors that you just want to see them do something more. It’s hard to believe that Christopher Daniels has never held a World Championship in any organization. For this match, Chavo and Hernandez will come out on top. There’s no reason for them to drop the belts right now. Confidence Points: 5

Joseph Park vs DoC(Director of Chaos aka Luke Gallows)

ML: Apparently, we aren’t getting Abyss back anytime soon and we have Parks’ new gimmick being his lawyer “brother.” That’s slightly unfortunate but part of me feels that there’s going to be more to this storyline with Park than we’re being led to believe. Gallows is back on our TV and should be interesting to see how he’s progressed in the ring since his WWE days.
Prediction: Director of Chaos
Confidence Points: 2

JT: This one should be more of a comedy segment to start, but I suspect that an actual match will develop with Park becoming so angry that more of his “Abyss” character comes out. Luke Gallows was never anything special to me, but I think these two together could have quite the enjoyable brawl. I predict Joseph Park to get the win, but I expect a locker room brawl after either this match or the next match I discuss. Confidence Points: 5
Devon vs Kurt Angle

ML: With the Triple Threat No. 1 Contender’s Match, TNA needed to find something for Angle to do. And with as much as they have pushed this storyline they need to keep it in the spotlight. Angle is way more talented than Devon, so I hope that Devon can pull his weight in this match.
Prediction: Devon
Confidence Points: 2
QuickNote: I believe TNA will book the Aces & Eights to win to keep the storyline personal and continuing

JT: Kurt should win this match. Devon is nowhere near in Kurt’s league of wrestling ability. Devon as a top guy in Aces and Eights is an attempt to make him a top contender in the company, but for me it just doesn’t work. Devon is boring. I would expect a possible Bully Ray swerve here where he helps Devon win this match. I might be wrong and Bully Ray might continue on his path to becoming face, but to me he’s a heel through and through and that won’t change right now. Devon wins with help from Bully Ray/Aces and Eights. Confidence Points: 1

No. 1 Contenders triple threat match with the loser not receiving a title shot until at least
next year’s BFG: AJ Styles vs Bobby Roode vs James Storm

ML: So the loser of this match, I’m assuming the one who gets pinned or is submitted, can’t receive a title shot until next year’s BFG. With Storm’s World Title push being delayed repeatedly, I can’t imagine that he will end up being pinned. Styles hasn’t really been considered a top tier contender in a while and this could be another TNA attempt to push a veteran into the spotlight. Roode is the most likely suspect after his record breaking World Title reign that was reduced to almost a joke by Aries losing the title at BFG.
Prediction: James Storm
Confidence Points: 3
QuickNote: Storm pins Roode to win.

JT: This will most likely be the match of the night. All three of these guys should’ve been considered for World Champion before Jeff Hardy. I just expect this match to be everything the main event is not. Honestly, this match should close the show. That said, I expect Bobby Roode to get pinned in this match and spend all of 2013 proving himself as the top guy before he can go after the World Title. As far as the winner goes, I expect AJ Styles to win this match and set up James Storm feuding with Bobby Roode for awhile longer. Confidence Points: 1

World Heavyweight Championship Ladder Match: Jeff Hardy vs Austin Aries

ML: TNA’s brillant plan to kiss Hardy’s ass so he’ll re-sign with the company seems like it could work. Hardy winning at BFG made a lot of people unhappy, including myself. My reasons are different than others. Aries was reduced to a transitional champion after ending the record breaking reign of Roode, to simply hold the title for Hardy at BFG. Aries is better than that and deserved more. This match does have the potential of being match of the night.
Prediction: Jeff Hardy to remain TNA World Champion
Confidence Points: 4

JT: I’m not happy about this main event, but if anyone can make a ladder match entertaining, it would be the spot monkey in Jeff Hardy. Hardy’s run was just to make him happy, but I believe TNA management is smart enough to put the title back on the right guy. I predict Austin Aries to win this match after Jeff Hardy takes some high risk and fails to execute. The only other outcome possible would be a no contest when both men can no longer stand up. I don’t expect for one second that TNA will book Aries to lose by pinfall to Hardy at two pay per view events in a row. Aries wins the title. Confidence Points: 3

Final Thoughts ML: TNA’s Turning Point seems like it has the potential of being a surprisingly solid card, but they really need their wrestlers to step up to the plate. This card has disaster written all over it, as well. It could really go either way. Hardy’s track record in producing great ladder matches is intriguing with Aries, who is an all-around great wrestler. The triple threat match will most likely steal the show. Last week’s Impact was really good and I’m hoping this PPV’s name is a sign of things to come for TNA.

Final Thoughts JT: Considering three of these matches were just booked on Impact, the card actually doesn’t look bad on paper. My problems are the things that I’ve already discussed. The knockouts have been cast aside in favor of this ODB/Tara/Jesse triangle with the big question mark on Eric Young. It’s even possible that ODB may find herself a new partner for the match. The X Division has been downplayed to the point that we have one match and it features NOBODY from the DX ppv this past July. Bully Ray has no scheduled match, and he’s supposed to be one of the top guys on the roster. This is as bad as WWE not having Cena or Ziggler booked for HIAC. I expect Bully Ray to play a huge factor in the Aces and Eights storyline this Sunday. Overall, the show feels like it’s going to be more like an episode of Impact than a big time pay per view. Thanks for reading! – add me! – add him!

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