Tito Ortiz ‘Medical Emergency’ Rumor Stuns Fans

Tito Ortiz was attended to be doctors after he was knocked out by Anderson Silva at Triller Fight Club on Saturday. Chris Weidman was concerned, tweeting, “Man, Tito was out for a while there. Hope he’s all good.”



Tito Ortiz obviously knows a thing or two or three about the art and sport of MMA. Tito has people from around the world come to him to hear what he has to say in order to have a successful and fruitful career in MMA. Tito Ortiz pulled no punches as he recently ripped on Jon Jones for the way that he acts in the octagon. Anderson Silva Exposes Dana White As Fraud.

In a recent interview, Tito Ortiz was asked how he felt about a certain move that has been used many times by many fighters in the past. Tito Ortiz is not a fan of the move at all as he cares about fighter safety. Tito also called out Jon Jones in the interview for using the move recently.

As transcribed by Wrestling-Edge, the interviewer asked Tito: “The sidekick to the knee, is there still a place for that in modern MMA for that maneuver?”

Tito was already shaking his head at this question as he stated: ” No, that should have never been allowed at the beginning. Johnny ‘Bones’ Jones did that a while ago and I was like ‘That’s not correct, you shouldn’t do that – you’re gonna blow someone’s knee out doing that,’ so, hopefully UFC will take that out because you’ll end up ruining someone’s career by blowing out their ACL. You’ll blow out a whole knee by doing that. You gotta look at the safety of the fighter.”

Check out the full video below.

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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