TNA Bound For Glory Kickoff Show Report

There is no TNA Impact this week, but Total Nonstop Action is not taking the week off. TNA goes to the internet for their Bound for Glory Kickoff Show featuring the start of the build to the Bound for Glory pay per view on October 10, 2010 in Daytona Beach, Florida.



The show starts off with a commercial for next Thursday’s episode of Impact on SpikeTV. We will hear from Rob Van Dam for the first time since he was attacked by Abyss. We will also find out whether it will be Kurt Angle or Jeff Hardy who will face Ken Anderson for the TNA World Title at Bound for Glory.

In addition to Dixie Carter joining Jeremy Borash to answer questions from the fans. We will have an episode of Spin Cycle featuring Mike Tenay, Jeff Jarrett, Earl Hebner, and Ken Anderson. We will also go to Daytona Beach, where SoCal Val will talk about Bound for Glory.

Don West has a special deal from the TNA Headquarters in Nashville. Don advertises a few limited edition deals. The first one is a Bound for Glory Poster signed by Jeff Jarrett and it can be yours for $19.99. Quantities are very limited because there are only 60 available.

He will be back with the other special later in the show.

It is time to go to Dixie Carter and Jeremy Borash. Jeremy talks about how Dixie is known as the ‘President of the People’ because of the time that she spends with the fans. Jeremy says that Dixie spends more time in the arena than he does. He mentions that Dixie interacts with the fans in the buildings, on Facebook, and on Twitter. Jeremy mentions that the fans have submitted questions for Dixie.

Jeremy mentions that Bound for Glory is the signature show for TNA before he asks Dixie about her interaction with the fans. He asks Dixie why she interacts so much with the fans and asks if it is because of her background in PR. Jeremy mentions that Dixie has different approach than the presidents of other wrestling companies. Dixie says that it is her personality and she loves people. She says that TNA would not be where it is today without the fans. It is her opportunity to get with the people and thank them for their support. She hears what they like and Dixie mentions that the fans do have a voice. Dixie has made some changes based on the suggestions.

Dixie says that the philosophy is fans first and it is with everyone in the company.

Dixie is asked what ‘Bound for Glory’ means to her. She says that the company was struggling with what would end up being their Super Bowl of pay per views. She says that it symbolized where the company was going. It still holds true today. The company can always get better.

Jeremy brings up that it was almost a year ago when Dixie was in Madison Square Garden to announce that Hulk Hogan would be a part of TNA. Jeremy asks Dixie to talk about the last year. Dixie says that she didn’t realize that it has been a year. She says that Hogan has been an integral part of the company. He is at every production meeting and every agents meeting. He talks to the talent and helps them get better in the ring and deal with psychology. She says that he has brought a lot of exposure to the brand and he has been great to work with.

Dixie says that some thought that Hogan was coming to TNA for the payday and to get time on television, but it has been the opposite. She says that he has done a lot behind the scenes for the company and the network. He has helped with licensing and the media.

Jeremy mentions Rob Van Dam and he asks Dixie for an update on Rob. She says that it is day to day with Rob. Dixie says that she talked to Rob some time ago and he did not sound like he wanted to come back to wrestling. She told him that she would love to have him in the company, but if he can’t have the same passion about wrestling, it won’t work here. They talked again and Rob said that he was ready to come back to work. He was so passionate and he said that he was never more happy about wrestling. To be sidelined is very emotional to Rob. To be away from something that he thought he would never get back to again, it pisses her off. She hopes that he will be that much more excited to get back.

Jeremy asks how it feels to have someone whose outlook about wrestling has been turned around the way that it has for Van Dam. Jeremy also mentions Jeff Hardy. Jeremy talks about the ups and downs that Jeff had but he is more inspired here. Dixie says that it means everything to her because they give so much in the ring and it is not an easy job. She says that they are so passionate. They don’t have to do the things in the ring or with the fans that they have to do, but they feel so positive about their careers. She says that it is challenging to have a locker room with people who are really happy. They are all here for the journey to make it special.

Dixie says that there was a talent who they were pursuing a few years ago who they pursued hard. There was a call from that person recently that they might be interested in coming to TNA, but she says that they appreciate that person thinking about them, but she doesn’t think they need him at this time. It is interesting to go from it being important to have ‘bigger’ stars, but now she wouldn’t trade anyone on the roster.

Jeremy asks Dixie about the people who have been with TNA since day one like A.J. Styles and James Storm. Dixie says that she doesn’t approve what Flair has done, but until a few weeks ago, it has benefitted A.J., Beer, Money, Matt Morgan, and Jay Lethal. What Team 3D has done for Beer Money, The Motor City Machine Guns, and Ink Inc is special. They are trying to make TNA a bigger company. Being in a room with Ric Flair, the guys have stepped up their game.

Jeremy goes to some questions from the UK Jeremy asks why TNA has a strong fanbase in that country. Dixie says that ratings have been great in 2010. The shows have been more solid this year and at the beginning of the year, they were doing 100 to 200 percent better. They recently did 300 percent better than last year. She says that they are often the number one rated wrestling show in the UK. She says that they have embraced the brand and they will do everything to pay it back. Dixie says that she is looking forward to getting back to the UK in January. Dixie also mentions their tour of Australia and some other places.

Jeremy mentions the changes to Xplosion as well as Reaction. Dixie is proud of Xplosion and she mentions that Jeremy has been involved in the show. It was a show that the company did not spend as much as they should have, but with the talent on the show, they need to give those people time in the ring. The ratings for Xplosion have been good and with new matches instead of being a recap show.

Dixie says that she is excited with Reaction. Dixie mentions that people outside of the US are not happy because they cannot get the show, but they are putting it on She says that it is an amazing show. She says that it is different than anything you have seen in wrestling and it makes them bring their game up on Impact. Dixie mentions that Reaction is on after Impact.

Jeremy says that the fans are asking for something new and innovative and they can get that with Reaction.

Jeremy says that a lot of people have asked about the changes that Dixie has talked about in the past. Jeremy asks for some insight. Dixie says that a lot of things transpired and Dixie says that she was excited about it and she sent out a Tweet. Then she saw that she was getting a lot of responses. A lot of people were texting her and then Dixie says that she didn’t realize what she did. Dixie says that it was never a surprise, it is a change. On 10/7, that is when they will unveil the change. There will be more changes.

Dixie and Jeremy mention that the October 7th Impact will be a live show. Jeremy asks Dixie if she enjoys live shows and she says that she loves live. They say that it will be a very important four days. She mentions the Fan Interaction that weekend and it is a chance for the fans to meet the wrestlers.

Jeremy asks Dixie what her favorite football team is and she says that she is an Ole Miss fan in college football and she is a Dallas Cowboys fan. She is also a fan of the Tennessee Titans.

Dixie is asked about what a day in her life is like. She mentions that she has a four year old son and a five and a half year old daughter. She says that her husband is her rock. She mentions that he broke his foot when he got involved in the ring a few weeks ago. It is all about the kids when she is with them. When she gets them down, it is back to work and that is when she does a lot of the stuff online. Dixie says that she tries to respond to as many people as possible.

Dixie is asked about being at ringside but not as much as she has in the past. Dixie says that she has watched with the fans to get the feel because it is not the same when you watch it on television or while the show is being put together in the studio. With Abyss and Flair’s recent actions, people don’t want her at ringside, but Dixie says that she wanted to see the last two matches at No Surrender. She had people with her in case something happened.

Jeremy asks Dixie for the historic matches in TNA. She says that there is not a lack for amazing matches. There have been times when she is watching the matches and she forgets that she is the president of the company. Recently, the two matches that stand out are the Motor City Machine Guns/Beer Money final match in their best of five series; and the Jeff Hardy/Kurt Angle match from No Surrender. Dixie mentioned that they had to deal with time issues so they had to move on.

Jeremy asks Dixie a question from Billy Corgan and that is if TNA can wave her magic wand. If there were no budgetary concerns, what would she do. Dixie says that if they weren’t as frugal or conscious about money, they wouldn’t be here today. They have had to be more concerned about that. It is a reality and it is not something she is complaining about. She says that she would do what she is going to do on 10/7, but even bigger.

Jeremy asks Dixie for final thoughts about Bound for Glory. She says that it is their biggest show of the year. To have a live show on 10/7 leading into it as well as Fan Interaction, it will be a big four days for the company.

They will bring their A Game for the events leading up to Bound for Glory.

Don West is back with a 10-10-10 special. It will be ten items. All of the Bound for Glory shows from 2005 through 2009 for $39.99. There are only 100 of these packages. In addition, you will get two t-shirts and it is still $39.99. To add to those seven items, you will get three autographed 8x10s. Don says that he will guarantee that everyone will get an autographed photo of Ric Flair. All of this will be $39.99.

It is time to go to Daytona Beach and SoCal Val is at the beach in her bikini. She says that there is a whole weekend of events. There is a Fan Interaction on Saturday October 9th. Then the pay per view will be on October 10th. Val says that she is going to throw a Knockouts Beach Bash.

It is time for TNA Spin Cycle with your host Jeremy Borash. He is joined by Earl Hebner, Jeff Jarrett, Mike Tenay, and Ken Anderson.

The first question is who has been the most valuable player in 2010 in TNA. Mike Tenay says that the MVPs of 2010 are Beer Money and the Motor City Machine Guns because of the best of five series, which Mike says is the best series he ever saw. Earl Hebner says his MVPs are Ink Inc and the Motor City Machine Guns. Jeff Jarrett says that the MVP was the man who put more asses in the seats than anyone, Hulk Hogan. Ken Anderson says that the MVP, other than himself, is the talent acquisition office for the people they signed.

The next topic is the biggest day of the year outside of wrestling and anniversaries. Earl says that is his birthday. Jeff points out that Earl has had a lot of them. Mike says that it is the kickoff to the football season, since he is from Las Vegas. Anderson says that it is Christmas. Jeff says that Ken took his thunder, but with his kids, it is great to see his kids open their presents at Christmas.

Jeremy points out that Jeff’s daughter is in a Taylor Swift video. Mike mentions that it was the first time he recorded something off CMT.

Jeremy says that he was attacked by a turkey when he was five years old and he has dreams about turkeys to this day. Jeremy asks if anyone has been attacked by an animal. Someone in the audience says that it was a dinosaur. Earl says that three pigs attacked him when he was mowing the lawn. Mike says that three years ago, he was getting ready to watch football but he went to the mailbox and he was attacked by a dog and was bitten. Mike says that he called Animal Control and he told Mike that the lady whose dog attacked him probably doesn’t have rabies. Ken says that he thought he was kicked by a cow when he put his hand on a fence, but it was an electric fence. Jeff feels left out and then he decides to talk about how his mom loved cats and that is why he hates them. There was a ledge in the pantry when he was a kid and the cat would sleep on the ledge. Jeff scared the cat and the cat scratched him in the face. Jeff says that he threw the cat down and Jeff’s mom yelled at him.

Jeremy asks everyone what their favorite part of Bound for Glory is. Ken says that he is looking forward to the whole thing. He says that he has been part of big events. It is when the wrestlers bring their families together. He says the biggest part will be when he wins the title. Earl says his favorite part is the Fanfest and he loves people telling him that he screwed Bret. Earl says that he loves the event and he says that it is damn right that he screwed Bret. Jeff says that Earl should have a shirt that says that. Mike says that he loves Fanfest, but he loves being able to put closure to so many of the stories leading into Bound for Glory and then the anticipation of the stories going into 2011.

Jeremy mentions that this is the first time that him or Sting will not be in the main event.

Jeff says that TNA has raised its game to a new level. He says that they have the most fan interaction of any wrestling company. Jeff says that the last time he was in the building in Daytona, there was a weird vibe. Jeff says that he is looking forward to the main event because the business is about becoming the World Champion. He wants to see how high they raise the bar in the main event.

Before we go, we return to Don West with a final mention of the two specials. The first one if the Jeff Jarrett autographed Bound for Glory poster for $19.99. The second one is the ten item special including all of the Bound for Glory DVDs and a guaranteed Ric Flair autographed 8×10 for $39.99. Quantities are limited for both deals.


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