TNA Impact Wrestling Report – 8/7/14

The show opened with Tommy Dreamer and Brothers Devon and Raw arriving at the building. The gist of what they had to say was that Dixie Carter is going through a table tonight. Team Bully is going to war with Team EC3 to make it happen



The first match on the show is Abyss vs. Bram in a Monster’s Ball match. The crowd was chanting ECW early on. Then they chanted that they wanted tables. They will get that and then some.

The fans then chanted that they wanted blood. Taz was having a ball with the fans. Early on, the two men were plundering each other, leading to a This Is Awesome chant. Bram then brought in a barbed wire board. The two men fought to not get thrown into it, and then Bram kicked Abyss in the nuts. He went out side and got a wrench but Abyss had a cheese grater and used it on Bram’s cashews. Abyss threw Bram face first into a chair that Abyss had set up in the corner. Abyss grabbed Janice but Bram got out of the way and Abyss stuck it into the turnbuckle. AByss is bleeding from the elbow. He grand his bag of tacks as the fans the fans chanted for blood. Bram hit him in the head with a kendo stick a few times. Abyss went for a chockeslam but Bram blocked it. Bram grabbed Janice and as he went to use it, Abyss grabbed him and chokeslammed him into the tacks. And the tacks were all over Bram’s back. The fans chanted we want blood and this is awesome. Abyss went to use Janice when Magnus came out and stopped him. That allowed Bram to spear Abyss into the Barbed Wire board. Abyss got up and the board was stuck on his back. He got it off and walked into Bram, who used Janice into Abyss’ gut and then got the pin. … It was a demolition derby match with a ton of plunder.

They talked about tonight’s X Division match where Samoa Joe, Low Ki and Sanada will determine the champion. Joe was about to do a promo when Low (Voice) Ki came in and talked down to Joe. Joe was not upset. He said that Ki will go down.

ECW 3 was with his team. Gene Snitsky did his “it’s not his fault”. Rhino said Gore. Zeke was Zeke. They definitely were getting Big ECW pops off this. EC3 made a point to say that Dixie Carter would never go through a table.

Bobby Lashley, MVP and Kenny King came out with hot ladies. They talked about how Lashley beat Austin Aries last week and then MVP cut a promo. He said that when he was the boss, he had to deal with crybaby wrestlers. Now, as long as they have that belt, he has all of the power with none of the problems. No one has been able to beat Lashley. There is no one left for Lashley to beat. That brings out Bobby Roode.

The crowd chanted for Roode, who told MVP he hears him talking. Some of what he has said are very try. MVP said yeah you are a whiny crybaby sissy. Roode said no, Lashley is a destroyer. He has beaten the best. So Lashley is one of of the most dominating wrestlers to ever hold that title. MVP said tell me something we don’t know. He told MVP to shut up. He was here to talk to Lashley. He said he is a former World Champion and he has held that Title longer than anyone else. He knows what it takes to be the champ and MVP knew that, which is why he sent him home. The plan was for MVP to be the champ, but he blew out his knee. He was going to use Lashley to get him the Title. MVP says shut up. Roode said that while Bobby was dominating, he was too kicking King and MVP’s asses. Lashley has beaten others but not him. So put up the title in a match. King then attacked Roode. And MVP joined him, while Lashley watched. Austin Aries and Eric Young quickly made the save. MVP said we are not doing this tonight, they are dressed to do hos. And they left. Lashley held up the Title.

Gunner came walking up with Sam Shaw. They have a match tonight with Ken Anderson as their partner. Anderson doesn’t trust Shaw. Gunner does. And he trusts Ken. Now Ken, do you trust Gunner? Off to commercial.

The camera dude was asking Bully, Devon and Dreamer to tell him who their partner was. They laughed at them and said they aren’t telling a stooge like him. Member four is an old friend and is wrestling on his birthday. Mike Tenay tried to say it was Taz. Taz said no.

Zema Ion, Robbie E and Jesse Godderz took on Sam Shaw, Ken Anderson and Gunner. Anderson did the intros and mentioned himself and Gunner and then called Shaw this frickin’ guy. Shaw wanted to start the match but Anderson did so instead.

The main event will be an eight man hardcore extreme someone must die and lose their spleen match. And I only added a few extra words.

The faces were in control early with the story that Anderson wouldn’t work with Shaw. That led to Zema getting control and his team working over Gunner. Well for a minute or so. Gunner made his way to the corner and was gonna tag Shaw but Mr. Glommerson grabbed the tag. He doesn’t trust Shaw. Anderson allowed the heels to take control of him briefly until Shaw came in and cleaned house. He threw all three out of the ring while Anderson watched. Ken walked over to Shaw, barking at him, when he got rolled up. Shaw tried to make the save but was help back. Anderson got in Shaw’s face, even though he did nothing wrong. Gunner broke them up.

Dixie Carter was in the back. She is not afraid. She has King Mo by her side. He has knocked some people out. Let’s go. The Eight man is next.

They plugged the One Night Only PPV.

In the back, Anderson was mad. He got in Gunner’s face about Shaw. They were about to go at it. Shaw came back and said Ken was right. It was his fault. Ken grunted and acted like a jerk.

Time for the eight man main event. Guys will join the match every 90 seconds. Dixie and Mo are watching up in the balcony. EC3 will start off for his team. Dreamer for Team don’t call them Extreme. Anything goes. No one can win until all 8 guys enter the match. We still don’t know who the fourth guy of Bully’s team is.

Dreamer was in control early and pointed at Dixie. But then Rhino came out for team EC3 and the heels went to work on Dreamer as Rhino plundered him with a trashcan lid. And then they used a kendo stick. Tommy took the abuse. … Devon thn came out for Team Bully. He brough a trashcan and went to work. Devon looks good, in great shape. The faces took control as they went to commercial.

We came back from commercial and Snitsky had come out, but then Bully came out. the faces were in control when Big Zeke came out and it’s now four on three. We still don’t know who the fourth man is for EC3’s team is. All we know is it’s not Mike Johnson. And EC3 is bleeding. A lot. The heels were in total control when Christy Hemme started the count down for the last man. Who will it be? The heels turned to watch and they saw…..Al Snow. With Head. The fans in the crowd had Heads, like back in ECW. The crowd chanted that they wanted head. Who doesn’t? Bully hit a splash from the top on Zeke and Snitsky. Rhino nailed him but Dreamer hit a DDT on Rhino. Spud hit Dreamer with a stick, but the four men then destroyed him. Dreamer made out with head Snow went to the top and drove Head into Spud’s nuts. All four faces did get the tables. But Zeke and Snitsky came back and went to work on them Snow came out of nowhere with an Asai Moonsault as the crowd chanted You Still Got it. The Dudleys hit 3 D on Rhino for the win. Dixie will now go through a table and she is not happy. Even a little bit.

Bully said shut off the music. Where is she. The crowd pointed her out. He said you are surrounded by a bunch of NYC crazy people. Your boys are down. They got their ass beat down and they are leaving. Tick tock he said. The clock is ticking. Bully will put her through a table tonight. She said that won’t happen. She promises by the end of the night King Mo is going to knock Bully out. Bully doesn’t agree.

The BPs were in the back ragging on Taryn Terrell.

In the back, bloody EC3 said that King Mo will make sure that Dixie Carter won’t go through a table.

They pushed Bound For Glory from Japan.

Angelina Love ragged on Taryn Terrell and then said she wanted her rematch for the Knockout Title and wants it right now. Terrell came out. She says Love is a ho. Love says she is hotter than every other woman and better than Terrell. Go tell your little baby that. Gail Kim them came out. She says Taryn will get a chance to knock Love’s head off later. Angle told her she could choose who she defends against. She chooses Love. But also Taryn Terrell. Finally, Kim asked Velvet how she felt about being the second fiddle to Angelina. FINALLY. Love wouldn’t let her answer but it didn’t matter but Kurt put her in the match next week too. So it’s all four of them. The BPs go to work together but it backfired and Velvet hits Angelina. They regrouped on the floor.

In the back, James Storm said to Sanada he is not doing it for his country, Great Muta or the fans. He is doing it for Storm. Now bow. Sanada does. The three way X Division match is next.

Havoc is coming. Next week for the first time in a long time, The Hardys vs. Team 3D plus the four way for the Knockouts Title. And a Scramble match.

Bully doesn’t care about Mo. This is not Bellator. Dixie’s ass is going through a table. Period.

X Division Title match. James Storm introduces Sanada. Low Ki is next. Joe is last. It was what you expect early on, with everyone doing their stuff. Sanada then got tossed and it came down to Ki and Joe. Joe went for a Buster but Ki put him in a submission. Sanada broke it up and Ki nailed him and got a two, which Joe broke up. Joe got a near fall on Ki would an Oklahoma Stampede. Joe went for a submission but Sanada broke it up. Joe got Sanda in the choke and he tapped before Low Ki could break it up. Your winner and X Division champion is Samoa Joe.

In the back, Dixie told Mo that he has this and he is to take Bully out. He says he has it.

Time for the main event segment. Dixie came out with Mo, Zeke, Spud, Rhino, Stitsky, EC3 and Zeke. She heeled all of them, They are worthless. EC3 said calm down. She pushed him. She fired them all. Called Snitsky and Zeke hasbeens. They left. She fired the fans and told them to get out of her building. She cursed at one of them.

Bully, Devon and Dreamer came out with a table. The fans chanted table. Dixie said shut up. Bully said that for a long time he has promised the people that Dixie, the most hated woman in professional wrestling, is going through that table. Dreamer said he tried telling her with an extreme pipebomb. She is all that is wrong with this business. Mo hit Dreamer but Bully laid him out. Spud got tossed. EC3 is not here. They set up the table as Dixie cried. She rolled out and Spud saved her. Spud said it would never happened when every babyface in the locker room came out. Spud feinted. Dreamer grabbed Dixie and pushed her in the ring. Devon got her and handed her to Bully on the second rope. Down goes Dixie, and she missed most of the table. I mean like her whole upper back missed it. I can see why that one hurt. Nothing broke her fall. The fans chanted TNA as Bully glared. Dixie sold it like she was dead. Bully put his arms up to the air as the fans cheered. On the replay, Bullys ass broke the table

Source: PWInsider

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