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TNA Planning a New TV Show, Gail Kim Returning Soon?, Dixie, Gut Checks

– TNA President Dixie Carter turns 47 years old today.

– TNA has announced new Gut Check workshops. More details can be found at their website:

* October 28th in Sacramento, CA
* November 5th in Toledo, OH
* December 10th in Orlando, FL

– Some expect former Diva Gail Kim to show up in TNA soon now that she’s free of her WWE contract.

– TNA is looking to produce a new TV show aimed at the Indian market. Sonjay Dutt and BG James recently flew to India to scout potential talents for the show.

Partial source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Dick Coxafloppin

    Under her leather boots, tight jeans and salon hair…….Dixie looks old and haggered for her age.

    Flair can have her.

  • Blue Blazer

    So, TNA reps fly to india to scout TV talent. My money says they’ll accidentally find the Great Khali in their search…

  • SaveUs.150FPS

    Why is this under WWE news?

  • Hbk26

    PacK of useless comments from all of you lot

  • Bawb

    Dixie still looks great.

    and as far as Dutt goes *still deserves better*

  • CC

    @Peep this. You have your facts slightly wrong. Firstly, WCW nearly defeated WWF, but egos and stupidity let WWF fight back, and WCW then had no come back.
    Had WCW gone for the throat when they had WWF on its knees, then all that money pumped into it would have been worthwhile.

    As for Panda and TNA. Panda does not pump money into TNA, which is part of their problem. They will pay for the odd contract here and there like Sting, but otherwise the financial input is minimal, hence the piss poor production values and poor salaries for the talent.

    Money isnt everything, but if TNA really want to compete with WWE, then the first thing they need to spend money on is making the whole show look more professional and up to date, rather than looking dated.
    If they spent a little more on talent contracts, then maybe they wouldnt risk losing people to WWE.

  • venom

    I guess we’ll have another show with no ratings. Great!

  • Ironcross

    TNA news = TNA section

  • peep this

    The thing with TNS its like the deal with when Ted Turner was in the wrestling business. He poured millions of dollars into a product that constantly lost money and in the end, well we all know what happened.
    So, here we have TNA who is owned by Panda Energy which as it turns out Dixie Carter Dad is the man over there. So, Panda is pumping money into this garbage of a company to make it work. At some point when the investors and the board of directors at Panda look at the balance sheet and say this is s total money looser. They will either sell it off for cheap. It probably wont go away but then again look at what Vince did with the XFL, it came it saw, and well its gone.
    So just sit back

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    I try to stay unbiased, I really do… What in the hell is TNA thinking! They can’t sell tickets and they don’t draw very good ratings and now they want another show? They need to make impact successful, maybe travel and get a bigger following(instead of the same couple hundred that walk around the park and get let in for free) before they think about another.

  • CC

    Gail Kim, she left TNA in the lurch because she thought WWE was the better option, then she whines about WWE and TNA accepts her back with open arms? No wonder their homegrown talent gets treated so badly.