Tom Cruise Was Rejected By David Beckham And Woman

Former British soccer sensation David Beckham, aged 48, and his wife, Victoria Beckham, 49, the famed ex-Spice Girl, recently discussed their past friendship with the Hollywood A-lister, Tom Cruise, 61. However, it appears that the once tight-knit bond between the Beckhams and Cruise has soured, leading to reports of a complete rift between the parties.



Sources from Radar Online revealed that Cruise played a pivotal role in facilitating the couple’s integration into the Los Angeles social scene when they relocated to the city back in 2007. Allegedly, he went to great lengths to introduce them to the who’s who of Hollywood and even threw a lavish party to aid in their assimilation. Nevertheless, the relationship seems to have deteriorated over time, with claims emerging that the Beckhams have effectively cut ties with the Mission: Impossible star.

“Tom did everything for them when they first moved to L.A. He practically gave them the keys to the city,” an insider told the National Enquirer.

“He threw them a party to meet everyone important, and the moment they were established they chucked him!”

According to insiders, efforts to reconcile with Cruise have proven futile, suggesting that the fallout might be irreparable. It was suggested that the Beckham duo attempted to mend fences at some point, yet Cruise chose to ignore their overtures, leading to an ongoing estrangement. Reports allude to lingering tension stemming from Cruise’s alleged attempts to involve the couple in Scientology, a religious affiliation that the Beckhams purportedly resisted.

While the trio was once visible together, their last public appearance dates back to 2014, after which they seemingly opted to steer clear of each other. Sources indicate that the fallout had a lasting impact on Cruise, leaving him hurt by what he perceived as rejection from the Beckham camp.

He’s still angry and has no intention of being friends again,” an insider said of Cruise making mends with his old pals from across the pond. “David and Victoria tested the waters a while ago, but Tom ignored them — so it makes sense they haven’t invited him to anything.”

“Tom clearly thinks they should have tried harder.”

Amidst these revelations, the Beckhams have continuously captured the public’s attention, with a recent Netflix documentary shedding light on the challenges they faced during their high-profile relationship. In the documentary, Victoria candidly admitted to experiencing significant unhappiness before their move to Los Angeles, citing David’s soccer career and a tumultuous period marked by rumors of infidelity. However, the couple’s resilience and Victoria’s subsequent success in the Hollywood scene have propelled them back into the spotlight.

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