Tommy Dreamer talks about his bad WrestleMania experience

Tommy Dreamer is not only a former ECW Champion and hardcore legend, but one of the most respected veterans in the world of wrestling active even today. Dreamer is a regular on Impact Wrestling and has also made appearances for companies such as AEW and WWE in the past.



The former ECW Champion recently spoke about his WrestleMania 23 experience in WWE while speaking on the Busted Open podcast. Here is what Tommy Dreamer had to say about his bad experience at WrestleMania 23:

At one point, my match was scratched to give more time to Melina and Ashley Massaro and I was like, “Are you kidding me?” And then Rob Van Dam checked out while we were going to the ring ’cause there was no Rob Van Dam or Sabu shirts, and the show was in Michigan. He was quitting the WWE as we’re walking down the steps to come to the ring, and I’m like, “Rob, please. We have to go,” because I’m trying to wrangle all these crazy people.

Dreamer also spoke about CM Punk’s return to WWE and said that Punk doesn’t have to see Triple H or Vince McMahon and that the role of an analyst on WWE Backstage is great for him.

(h/t credit to Wrestlezone)


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