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Top Star Re-Signs with WWE for 3 Years

Triple H signed a new three-year contract with WWE. His original deal, which had a $1.0 million downside guarantee as a wrestler, expired on March 30th. Triple H “out-earned this minimum guarantee” over the “past several years” through his TV role and merchandise sales. He officially signed the new contract on May 9th.

Here is a breakdown of how much Triple H earned in 2015:

  • $1,713,360 million as talent
  • $573,269 as executive (fixed compensation)
  • $526,000 bonus (variable compensation)
  • Total Pay: $2.812 million

Triple H also got performance stock units (PSUs) valued at $299,995, which brings his total 2015 compensation package to $3.112 million.

The agreement was made between Triple H and WWE’s VP of Talent Relations Mark Carrano.

  • Darrin Tyler

    Paul is the COO why would he have to sign a contract to still be COO? And I don’t really expect him to get into the ring again in the next 3 years, I guess its possible but I never will know why.

  • Solid

    You never know, maybe Dixie will sell TNA before it’s only worth $5 and instead of her HHH walks out one night…

  • AmishPatel


  • TheFizPop

    Damn! Even less chance of seeing him on the impact zone now 🙁