Triple H ‘Bad Offer’ To AEW Female Star Leaks

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The current AEW star Dr.Britt Baker DMD had previously worked as a ‘jobber’ in WWE. Baker is a real life practicing dentist and also a AEW star. WWE ‘Bury’ AEW Female Star In Photo



Dave Meltzer posted on the forums that Triple H had offered her a huge developmental deal but she had to stop practicing dentistry and thus she decided to pursue her career in becoming a dentist.

Dave Meltzer said:

 “Britt couldn’t sign with them. She has a dental practice and wasn’t going to give that up for a $60K developmental deal.”

Britt Baker shots back at criticism for her professions

Baker is very popular for being both a pro wrestler and a practicing dentist. She recently joined Busted Open Radio to promote AEW’s Double or Nothing pay-per-view Sunday.

She has admitted it bothers her when people say she’s not committed to wrestling because of it, when she believes it makes her work harder in both professions. She said:

“I get kind of pissed off when people point out the fact that I have two careers and use it against me saying ‘oh she’s not committed to wrestling,”‘ Baker said. “No I am, I’m just that much committed to another career too. I have no time off. So when the wrestlers are at home for the week, enjoying time with their families, going out, going to parties, I’m working. I just don’t have time off. I put just as much, probably double the time into professional wrestling as anyone else. And that’s why I’m the face of AEW.”

Baker made it clear that she had enough time for both, but does consider wrestling more of her focus right now. She is set to challenge Hikaru Shida for the AEW Women’s World Championship at tonight’s Double or Nothing pay-per-view.