Triple H ‘Blocked’ WWE NXT Departure

Triple H usually looks after the main roster call ups of the talents from NXT. The former WWE star Aleister Black is no longer under WWE contract as he was recently let go by the company.



Aleister Black reveals Triple H turned down his main roster call up

He had a fine run on the main roster but it turns out WWE Chairman Vince McMahon was in favor of bringing Aleister Black to the main roster when Black was a part of NXT but it was The Game who rejected the plans. Vince McMahon ‘Apology’ To Fired Star Leaks

Vince had chalked out plans for Black to end his feud with Johnny Gargano and debut on the main roster.

Black, while speaking on Oral Sessions with Renee Paquette, revealed that Vince McMahon was a big fan of him during his stint with NXT and HHH had recently told Black that McMahon had asked him a few times to allow him to bring Black to the main roster. But he was denied as HHH had different storylines for him.

He said:

“I remember the match that I had with Velveteen [Dream] and that was a match that put me on the map and I remember Hunter telling me a while ago, about like a year-and-a-half ago, we had a talk. Even a year-and-a-half ago, I was going like, ‘What are we doing? Because it’s starting, stopping.’ Every time I thought we were going somewhere, we didn’t. Every time I saw the fans get behind me or the ratings were positive, no one pulled the trigger on it and Hunter told me that even back then, Vince [McMahon] was like, ‘I want that guy’ and then it was, I think the match with Johnny [Gargano] when I came back, again, ‘I want that guy’ and Hunter kept telling him, ‘No. I have this program with him. I want him to finish [and] write that out.”’

Aleister Black made his debut in NXT in 2017 and had a run on the brand until 2019. During his run on NXT,  he had captured  the NXT Championship once when he defeated former WWE star, Andrade. We will see what future holds for him.

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