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Triple H on main roster stars returning to NXT

Triple H

A number of main roster stars have made surprise appearances in NXT recently, and it has made people wonder if they could return to the development territory for an extended run.

During a recent media conference call, Triple H talked about a lot of things including former NXT Stars who have been called up, returning to the brand for a run.

The Game claimed that if you look at the Raw and SmackDown rosters, you’ll find that 80% of the roster members have been part of NXT at some point so returning to the brand is like going home in a way:

“It’s like going home in a way. So I do think you could see that happen very easily and I don’t think it would be a stretch for people to consider that [a longer NXT run] being a possibility.”

Which are some former NXT Stars you would like to see returning to the development territory for another run? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

  • MT McGee

    WWE really would be better off without Vince having ANY say in creative. Let him shake the hands and make the deals, but he is devoid of any good ideas when it comes to storylines or characters.

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    Except NXT is better than Raw and Smackdown combined

  • Darrin Tyler

    Actually they should be insulted since nxt is suppose ti be the “school yard” basically lol