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Triple H on the rumors of a new Performance Center

Triple H recently took part in a media conference call to talk about NXT TakeOver: Chicago. The Game discussed the idea of NXT getting a TV slot down the road, main roster talent possibly moving to NXT, and the upcoming UK Tournament.

During the call, Raj Giri of Wrestling Inc. asked about the rumor of a new Performance Center. Bobby Roode alluded to the idea that the WWE was building a new, larger PC, but Triple H was quick to stop that rumor.

We have no current plans for a larger facility that are in the works. It’s constantly something we are looking at, growing and evolving, I never want to get to where we’re stagnant. The Performance Center is kind of the heart of what we do, because it’s creating the future and it’s churning out all this talent, plus the content we’re creating there. There will be some announcements on some new things we’re doing from there soon.

I’m always open to that idea of expanding out in the future. Is it in my mind? Absolutely. Have we started actually doing that yet or physically going down that road? We have not. But I do appreciate Bobby’s enthusiasm for it, certainly.

  • wpoppe

    New Performance Center and they could eventually have their Hall of Fame at the same location and name it after the great Bruno Sammartino Performance Center. This way making the Hall of Fame induction mean something