Triple H on the Super Showdown match between Undertaker and Goldberg

The match between Undertaker and Goldberg from last year’s Super Showdown event was highly criticized by fans due to the various botches in the bout.



During his recent interview with TalkSport, WWE Vice President Triple H talked about a number of things like his WrestleMania 32 match with the Rock getting canceled and more.

While discussing the match between these two legends, H claimed that people can say whatever they want but his hat goes off to both of them:

“People can say what they want about Saudi Arabia or the match between ‘Taker and Goldberg. My hat goes off to both of them,” Triple H said. “It was a bad situation. I can attest to it. It was about 105 [degrees] and 100 percent humidity ringside.”

Triple H later also recalled his own experience of wrestling Randy Orton at the show and the former World Champion explained that wrestling there was like competing in a sauna.

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