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Triple H wants one more match with The Rock

The Rock and Triple H have been a part of some amazing battles through their careers. A lot of fans would love to see these two collide once more and they’re not the only ones. Triple H also expressed some very exciting interest in locking up with The People’s Champ one more time.

While doing an interview with Mumbai’s Facebook office on Facebook Live, The Game was asked about his relationship with The Rock.

“About two years ago, he and I (The Rock) did a backstage promo with each other where we talked about WrestleMania and the competitive nature of it and it lit up the internet about the possibility of it. It’s something we’ve discussed. It’s just making schedules work, he’s pretty busy I am too. But hey, right place, right time? I’ll dance one more time with The Great One, Rock.”

With The Rock’s busy schedule it’s not likely we’ll be seeing this match happen anytime soon. But it’s amazing to know at least one of these two WWE legends are game to have another go.

  • CC

    Love or hate the man, he was one of the top guys during the attitude era for good reason. His work with the likes of Rock, Angle and Austin was fantastic.
    Yes he had political pull etc, but he always put on great matches. At one point he was the best heel in WWE as well.

    Also, not to forget they fact he finished a match with torn quads, so he had dedication as well.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    You must not be a wrestling fan. Triple H is one of the best professional wrestlers of any generation; promo, heel, face, in the ring, outside the ring, etc. Triple h is one of very few well rounded wrestler.

  • Darrin Tyler

    As long as it’s a falls count anywhere match and they actually use the chairs the “proper” way

  • Kayfabe_Is_Dead

    I’d be okay with it.

  • jack

    ive seen enough hunter hearst helmsley matches to last many lifetimes. and none are classics. awful promos, average matches, no cool moves, been bored of him since 1999.

  • Nicholas2778

    I believe you only going to see HHH wrestling guy like The Rock, Kurt Angle and maybe Batista at WM from now on. I don’t think he will be wrestling anymore young talent.