Trump Announces ‘Victory’ After Arizona Ruling

Former President Donald Trump released a couple of video posts in which he claimed victory on the issue of abortion and argued that Democrats are struggling due to his approach to the matter.



Following a widely-publicized announcement where Trump emphasized that he had shifted the abortion issue to be handled by the states, the Arizona Supreme Court upheld an 1864 law banning all abortions, with exceptions only for saving the life of the mother and none for cases of rape, incest, or health risks.

On Wednesday, Trump shared a series of video rants, including two focused on the abortion issue, shortly after facing reporters’ questions about the recent Arizona ban.

Despite his claims that Democrats are “reeling” and the issue of abortion is resolved, Trump continued with a second post where he reiterated that the Roe v. Wade decision was primarily about states’ rights. He stated that the debate wasn’t about any other matters, referring to the anti-abortion movement’s aim for a nationwide ban.

DONALD TRUMP: You know the Democrats are reeling when they have no response to my recent statement on abortion other than, oh, he’s only kidding, or he will change it, or he’s not going to do that, he’ll do something else because he knows, and they know, that when they say that they’re in trouble.

I guess this means that we will win the election because they’re so bad on every other issue. They are so bad on the border, on the economy, on energy. Every see we were energy independent just four years ago. And now look what happened and look what happened to our country.

Millions of people flowing in from prisons, from jails. It’s really a terrible thing.

So the only issue they have, the only issue they think they have is on abortion. And now all I say is the states are handling it and it’s totally killed that issue.

We’ll take care of everything. We’re going to make our country great again. Everybody’s going to be happy.

DONALD TRUMP: People forget fighting Roe v Wade was right from the beginning all about bringing the issue back to the states. Pursuant to the 10th amendment and states rights. It wasn’t about anything else. That’s what it was.

We brought it back to the States. And now lots of things are happening and lots of good things are happening. Every legal scholar, everybody from both sides, said, you have to get it out of the federal government. You have to bring it back to the states.

It wasn’t about anything else. After we won, Marjorie Dannenfelser of the SBA and Lindsey Graham, senator, started saying, no, let’s go back to the federal government with zero weeks. And when they got nowhere, they upped it to 6 weeks and they got nowhere again. And they recently updated to 15 weeks. And were obviously willing to take the number upward, upward, upward!

Because they were getting absolutely nowhere with the Democrats. And they never would because the Democrats will never give up on this issue, no matter how many Republicans want and ask and are willing to give everything. You could give unlimited abortion, and the Democrats would find a reason not to do it.

Because they don’t love our country. They don’t want to solve a very difficult problem. But we did. It’s called states rights, and the states are working feverishly to get it all resolved. 53 years it went and we did something that nobody thought. We brought it back to the States where it belongs and where everyone wanted it.

The states will be making the decision. Republicans are now free to run for office based on the horrible border, inflation, bad economy, the death and destruction of our country.

We have the worst president in history, and we’re going to have the best president in history. And that president’s going to do a great job for you, and we’re going to make America great again. Thank you very much.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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