Trump Drops Cheating Bombshell To Ron DeSantis

It’s about time the Trumpster fired back with a few trumpet blasts of his own. Today, big red, former and perhaps future United States President took a major stab at Ron DeSantis and hurled some substantial claims that are yet to be substantiated, about alleged cheating he stopped in DeSantis’ 2018 election, as seen in a Truth Social post below that Trump re-truthed. Trump’s claims about election fraud have been debunked by fact checkers and legally.



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In other news, and according to AP NEWS, Two substantial conservative groups signaled they are open to supporting someone other than Donald Trump in the 2024 race for the White House. This is the latest sign from an increasingly vocal segment of the Republican Party that it is time to move on from the former president.

David McIntosh, the president of the influential Club For Growth group, said Tuesday that the group has invited a half dozen potential Republican candidates to its donor summit in Florida next month, but Trump — the only declared major candidate in the race so far — is not among them.

Instead, the group has invited Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who is viewed as Trump’s most formidable likely challenger, along with Nikki Haley, the former South Carolina governor and United Nations ambassador; former Vice President Mike Pence; former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo; Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina; and Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin.

Tensions between Trump and both groups are not new, but their willingness to get involved on behalf of another candidate may only encourage at least half a dozen potential rivals who are considering campaigns. Haley is expected to announce her 2024 campaign next week in South Carolina.

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