Trump’s Daughter Shows Legs In Beach Photo

Donald Trump’s ex-spouse Marla Maples took to her Instagram and uploaded a video of herself playing beach tennis with her daughter Tiffany, who showed off her legs.



It was the best and sportiest Mother’s Day weekend with Tiffany, Michael and friends❣️ 🎶You’re more than a sunshine in my eyes my girl and you know it, and there was lots of sunshine 😂 ☀️ I love having you on my team through life Tiff, and I am so proud of you❣️Time with you and Michael kept the sunshine in my eyes all weekend long. ✨🙌✨ #MothersandDaughters #BeachTennis #mothersday




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In a stunning move, former US President Donald Trump has claimed interference in the upcoming 2024 presidential election, nearly a year and a half before the American people go to vote. Taking to his Truth Social platform, Trump made these assertions following the release of special counsel John Durham’s report.

The exhaustive 300-page report concluded that the FBI had no evidence to suggest that anyone in the Trump campaign had been in contact with Russian intelligence officials during the 2016 election. This finding contradicts Trump’s infamous request for Russian assistance during a campaign rally, where he openly called on Russia to find the missing emails of his political opponent, Hillary Clinton.

In an emphatic all-caps post on his social media platform, Trump expressed his belief that he was being framed by the FBI and the Department of Justice (DOJ). He referred to ongoing controversies such as the “boxes hoax,” the “perfect” phone call in Atlanta, the Manhattan District Attorney investigation, and the New York State Attorney General investigation. Trump alleged that these investigations were part of a broader conspiracy orchestrated by individuals reporting to the DOJ in Washington, specifically calling out former FBI Director James Comey and other individuals he deemed “sleazebags.”

Trump’s claims extended to accusing the alleged perpetrators of engaging in election interference in 2024 through illegal law enforcement tactics, particularly targeting Republicans and himself, as the self-proclaimed “favorite president.” He labeled them “cheating lowlifes” but expressed confidence in his ability to emerge victorious. Trump’s statement also conveyed a deep concern for the state of the nation, proclaiming that the country is headed towards ruin.

While Durham’s report did criticize the FBI for failing to properly vet and corroborate intelligence, it did not find evidence of a deliberate conspiracy within the bureau to unjustly open an investigation into Trump’s campaign. However, figures close to Trump, such as former White House adviser Steve Bannon, have criticized the report as an “epic failure” and questioned the lack of charges against individuals involved.

Trump’s preemptive claims of election interference and his fiery response to Durham’s report continue to showcase his combative nature and unwavering belief in conspiracy theories. As the 2024 presidential election looms in the distance, it remains to be seen how these assertions will shape the political landscape and public discourse leading up to the crucial vote.

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