Trump’s VP Mike Pence In Deep Trouble After…

Mike Pence could be closing his presidential campaign soon. This is not a prediction, it’s a spoiler. The rumours going around confirm that Pence needs cash to be able to make it through the third quarter. This is due to the rising debt and increasingly limited cash flows.



There are reports that Mike Pence raised $3.3 million in the third quarter, with $1.2 million cash on hand and $620,000 in debt. The reports come through NBC News, and these details will be made public when the campaign finance filing comes out on Sunday.

According to Trending Politics, the former vice president shared $150,000 of his own money in the campaign. On the other hand, Biden’s re-election campaign has reported roughly $71 million in third quarter fundraising.

This is in line with the second-quarter haul. The front runner in this situation is Donald Trump, and while his third quarter reports aren’t public yet, he had roughly $35 million in the second quarter.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis raised $15 million in the third quarter with $5 million to be used, and Nikki Haley finished the third quarter with $9.1 million to spend during the primary campaign.

Pence has just over $1 million to spend on the primary cycle. His situation is similar to 2016’s Scott Walker’s White House bid. Walker’s campaign reported just under $1 million in the bank and $161,000 in debt at the end of the third quarter of 2015. Scott had to pull out of the race due to this situation.

Trump campaign has reported roughly $35 million in cash-on-hand for the primary cycle alone. This brings concerns for Mike Pence as he struggles to qualify for the third Republican primary debate on November 8.

The Republican National Committee’s criteria requires 70,000 individual donors to qualify. Mike Pence could barely make it through during the second quarter that happened in August, by hitting the threshold weeks before the first debate. He is in the polling threshold, but is placed fifth nationally as per the details from FiveThirtyEight’s national polling average.

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