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Two-man commentary teams apparently making a return

WWE has two television deals starting next month and another one with NXT on the USA Network, which will start next week. So a lot of changes are expected.

According to a report by Wrestle Votes, there will be some major changes to the commentary teams as well. RAW will also be affected. It seems that the two-man commentary teams will be making a return.

Hearing that significant changes are coming to the commentary teams once the SD to FOX move happens in a few weeks. All shows will be impacted, including RAW. A source has said the return of the 2 man booth is coming.

This is certainly interesting news and would be a good change if it is implemented. With Renee Young possibly moving to the FS1 talk show, Corey Graves and Michael Cole might become a two-man commentary team.

We will keep you updated regarding changes to the commentary team once we get to know more.

  • Sparti Love


  • CC

    I have been banging on about this three man rubbish for ages, and if it is going back to two person commentary then that can only be seen as a positive. Three is way too many people, and is probably the biggest reason Renee Young has failed so bad in the role. You have dominant personalities like Cole and Graves, and they talk over eachother all the time, so no way is the third person gonna stand a chance.

    The only sad thing coming out of this is that Michael Cole will remain, and possibly switch to SmackDown, when in reality it is time to get rid of the old guard like him and use the younger talent instead.

    It is also why I am questioning AEW’s decision to go down the three person route as well.

  • Kayfabe_Is_Dead

    Bout time

  • ROB-1.

    They only need 2 teams like before. When there are 3 sometimes they talk over one another.