Uncle Howdy Botches Move In Royal Rumble Video

The Bray Wyatt and LA Knight MTN Dew Pitch Black Match has received very mixed reviews. A very low percentage of viewers have enjoyed the match while a high number of viewers did not like the match at all.



According to one viewer, the following was said about the match: “The aesthetic resembled Slime Time Live akin to Nickelodeon. Among anything else, this match felt like an insult to professional wrestling in the way that it was packaged. There wasn’t anything daunting at all about the match.”

The match looked more-so like a glow stick rather than what a MTN Dew Pitch Black match could look like in your imagination. Given, this was the first match of its kind. The match could have been so much more, but we were left with a rather short match that really just felt out of place.

When the match would end, we would then see Uncle Howdy, the odd figure that seems to tie himself to Bray Wyatt. Uncle Howdy would be seen on top of a scaffold as Bray Wyatt would look up at him. Uncle Howdy would lock eyes with Bray Wyatt and then look down at LA Knight.

At this point, LA Knight would be on the ground. Uncle Howdy would jump off of the scaffold onto LA Knight, although Uncle Howdy did not actually land on LA Knight. It looks like her overshot his spot as you could see him land pretty far off from LA Knight.

This all said, it may not have been a botch. Just about any time that we see such a spot happen, the wrestler will land next to the opponent and camera angles will be used to sell it. This seems like more of a safety precaution rather than a botch.

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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