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Undertaker Update, Husky Harris Off the RAW Roster, Malenko’s Birthday, More

– WWE agent and former wrestler Dean Malenko turns 51 years old today.

– Stacy Keibler has been trending on Twitter after the news came out that she’s dating George Clooney.

– WWE has just removed Husky Harris from their RAW roster. Husky is still listed on the FCW roster and at last word, was still training there.

– As noted before, the UK DVD cover for WWE’s upcoming “OMG! The Top 50 Incidents in WWE History” had to be changed because the graphic of Edge and Mick Foley going through a flaming table was too graphic for retailers there. The new cover features John Cena with Big Show and Edge on his shoulders for a double Attitude Adjustment.

– A photo surfaced online recently showing what appeared to be The Undertaker with a shaved head. There was speculation as to whether or not the photo was legit but a WWE source has confirmed that Taker indeed shaved his head.

Partial source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Little Jimmy Dudley

    Husky Harris off the Raw roster…good. He should never have been on it in the fiirst place. His old man might have been good in his day but that’s as far as the talent fell from that family tree.

  • CM Mark

    Gotta bring him back in time for NOC 2011 to BURY Punk again…

  • charlie

    Kevin bash cut his and grew it out in a short amount of time

  • JIR

    Hair does grow back wonder if he is going back to the American Badass Taker

  • marcum

    i hope this means a return of american bad ass!!

  • Sam

    Wait a minute, the graphic was too graphic…shocker

  • Pissed Off Fan =(

    Damn its going to be interesting to see The Undertaker at Vengence then being bald

  • Sammo

    I bet Taker gets his skull tattooed like Bam Bam Bigelow.

  • SusyRko

    I hope that the Undertaker rock the Tyson’s Kidd haircut

  • Shawn

    I don’t think Taker can ever grow his hair back. And you know what, if he’s going to have one final run, might as well change up his appearance a little. He could go for the Hellraiser/Pinhead look (minus the pins, of course). I think he’d look even more creepy that way, though probably more like an old, wrinkly Kane. 🙁

  • Callum

    that’s the best replacement they have for the cover
    that’s so fucking stupid
    now i will have to buy the american one coz i just cant stand the sight of that twat

  • Sean Mooney

    A bald Undertaker could be depressing to watch… kind of like when Hogan’s bandana falls off during a fight, and then he tries “making the tag” to the audience.

  • Elizabeth

    I bet McCool loves that he really looks like an old man now

  • venom

    I was hoping that photo has fake. As Paul Bearer says “it’s all over for the deadman.”