Update on TNA’s Plans for Beer Money, Universal Ejecting TNA Fans & More

– TNA are now branding their live events as the “Impact Wrestling World Tour.”



– Word going around is that TNA does not agree with Universal Studio’s decision to ban fans from using mobile devices to send spoilers online. Word is that the first time you’re caught, you will be warned but with repeat violations the fan will be banned from the arena for a definite period of time which could be a month to three months to permanently. While a fan was ejected at Monday’s tapings for providing spoilers, we hope to have more details soon.

– TNA originally wanted to bring Chris Harris back to reform America’s Most Wanted with James Storm while Robert Roode moved onto a singles career but after Harris’ recent return, officials felt he wasn’t over enough and wasn’t in good enough shape. While that idea has been dropped, they are still going with the idea of breaking Beer Money up.

Partial source: F4Wonline.com

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