The View from Down Under: John Cena The Daggy Comfortable Pants Of The WWE

Everyone has a pair, that pair of pants that are comfortable, that you can relax in, that have been in your wardrobe for years, pants that you would never admit to liking, but the pair of pants you put on when you are feeling cold, tired, down, confused etc.



At MITB pay per view, the WWE put on their pair of daggy comfortable pants when John Cena climbed the ladder and retrieved the WWE world Heavyweight Championship. They did this as the WWE creative are now a little nervous when it comes to placing any new pants on, or placing the WWE World Heavyweight Championship around someone else.




The WWE often get criticized for constantly returning the championship to John Cena, however if we look at list of past champions you can see why. Now whether these superstars were given a fair chance at a championship reign is debatable, however when you look at the facts and the reigns of these superstars you can see why John Cena is always a safe choice.


INJURIESDolph Ziggler and now Daniel Bryan after overcoming obstacles finally made it to the top of the WWE, winning major championships. But both as soon as reaching the top were placed on the injury list, and their reigns cut short. Injuries to these 2 superstars can be put down to their style of wrestling which because of the risks they take, have a high risk of leading to injuries. Mark Henry and Christian are two other superstars who could have had better championship reigns but have been label injury risks and will not be pushed majorly again. John Cena wrestling style, is a lot less high risk, and while he has been injured in the past, has a strong history of quick recovers and long reigns in major event matches and feuds.

Daniel surgery


CM PUNK – the WWE fear another CM Punk from happening, and wants to make sure superstars such as Cesaro, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins etc., are more company men like John Cena, rather than independent thinkers like CM Punk was. The WWE wants to put its major title on someone they know will be around for a long time, and not leave for other promotion, movies etc. John Cena at this stage only does WWE films, and at this stage of his career will not be leaving the WWE for another promotion.

cm punk leaving


TERRIBLE CHAMPIONSHIP REIGNS – After finally defeating Daniel Bryan and winning the WWE Championship, Randy Orton then went straight into an uninspiring feud with John Cena to unify the titles. Fans just didn’t want to see these two feud again. Then the return of Batista and the then proposed feud leading up to Wrestlemania again had fans pulling their hair out and the focus became on Batista face turn rather than Randy Orton. Then the WWE World Heavyweight became all about Daniel Bryan and Triple H, pushing current champion Randy Orton further down the importance pole. By the time he finally lost the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, he had already lost the aura of being a champion.

Alberto Del Rio should never have a major WWE championship belt placed on him again, he was forced down the fans throats and the fans just never accepted ADR as a champion and all his reigns are quite easily forgotten as fans switched off when he was on. Sheamus lost all his positive momentum as a champion in the never ending feud with ADR, momentum he is only now starting to regain many years on.

While not all of John Cena’s 15 reigns have been great, he has never been over-shadow while champion, something the likes of CM Punk and Randy Orton have both been unable to avoid.

fan sign



FEAR OF JACK SWAGGER SYNDROME – During the MITB match, the WWE had an opportunity to place the title on one of 3 up and coming superstars. Bray Wyatt, Cesaro and Roman Reigns all could have been given a taste of Championship reigns, however the WWE are still very cautious after the failed Jack Swagger World Heavy Weight reign. Jack Swagger was given the title way too soon, before the fans even knew who he was, and before he had established himself as a top main event player. He now is just a mid-card talent, a waste of someone with great in-ring ability.





With Cena getting on in age, CM Punk leaving, the injury to Daniel Bryan, Mark Henry, The Big Show, Christian getting towards the end of their careers and the likes of Chris Jericho, Bataista, The Rock, The Undertaker, Triple H and Brock Lesnar being part timers, the WWE is losing its main event talent very quickly. However it has learnt from mistakes like ADR and Jack Swagger and will not rush a new superstar before he is ready. John Cena allows these new superstars a chance at the main event, without all the pressure, as Cena takes that responsibilities.


John Cena looks like he will be champion until Summer Slam, where he will likely face Brock Lesnar. It is the only match that the WWE can do for the main event at this stage of the year. Will he walk out champion will depend on if the WWE wants to go through the same issues it did when The Rock was champion while being a part time performer. Not having your major champion available for RAW or SMACKDOWN leads me to believe Cena will win at Summer Slam (with my theory The Undertaker will cost Brock Lesnar the title setting up Brock/Undertaker II at Wrestlemania 31), with the likely hood of Seth Rollins being tried as the new face of the WWE.



Returning after a couple of weeks off, it is good to be back!

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