Vince McMahon Angers World Champion In Email

The former WWE and WCW writer Vince Russo and WWE Chairman Vince McMahon are not on great terms. The former recently spoke about his final interaction with Vince and revealed what has happened to the WWE Chairman. Vince McMahon previously offered a former AEW star a WrestleMania match.



Vince Russo opens up on Vince McMahon

On Legion of RAW, Russo talked about the matter. He and McMahon recently shared emails, and the former WWE writer has opened up on the exchange on his Patreon. Vince Russo, who was one of professional wrestling and sports entertainment’s most infamous industry minds during the beloved Attitude Era of the WWE admitted that he didn’t respond to Vince McMahon’s final email. He said that he was surprised by his former boss’ changed outlook towards the business.

WWE recently reported more than $1 billion in revenue, and Vince Russo also commented on the company’s historic financial milestone. Russo said WWE’s “blind” business partners aren’t fruitful in providing the best returns on their investments, as he explained below:

“Chris, I wrapped up today, Vince vs. Vince on my Patreon,, I wrapped it up with the last email exchange between Vince and I. I’ll say this much, Chris, I let him go last, and I didn’t even acknowledge his last email to me. Because Chris, here’s what I think is going on, the fact that these blind business partners are making these mega-deals with them only to find out they are finishing up on the short end of the stick, Peacock’s finishing up on the short end of the stick. Fox isn’t getting the numbers they wanted. USA isn’t getting the numbers they wanted. A lot of money was invested. WWE got the money, but now the partners have now fallen short of the goals,” said Vince Russo.

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