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Vince McMahon Buying Newcastle United? Great Khali Shooting Incident Video

– Rumors were circulating online yesterday that WWE Chairman Vince McMahon was interested and negotiating to buy Newcastle United soccer team. A spokesman for the Premier League outfit commented they would never comment on such “nonsense” and more on the story is available at this link.

– There is a video at this link where a bodyguard of the Great Khali’s fires his gun into a crowd.

  • The Anti Cena

    @ CiB totally agree ^

  • CiB

    @ JD

    As I explained, what you call football is Rugby for saps who need to wear pads to protect their fragile little selves. Real men don’t need pads, which is why NFL players do.

  • Big T

    @ JD ….Awesome!

  • Callum


  • The Anti Cena


    you seem to forget the WWE’s pulling power if people see that VKM ownes newcastle they will be interested thus more fans. more fans = more money so yeah. its all about having good business sense. VKM only likes winners? isnt John Cenas whole gimmick about overcomming the odds? and Rey Mysterio is called the ultimate underdog.but yeah your totally right p.r.i.c.k

  • keylo

    The Anti Cena
    Date: Jan 23, 2011 at 3:12 PM

    Being from newcastle i really hope this happennes i mean yeah we will get ridiculed by other fans but we will be LOADED!

    and how the hell would u be loaded ? as it would take near 150 million to buy it and to get the top players which u wouldnt, he be broke in no time as VKM is not as minted as he likes to claim as he is no red 10 billion rom at chelski or the citeh owners. Anyway VKM likes winners not a bunch of losers like the racists newcastle lot.

  • JD

    its called SOCCER…football is actually exciting unlike that crap you all call futbol

  • Larry

    He should buy Leeds United forget Newcastle. Newcastle does not have a global fan base ONLY LOCAL BASED. Leeds United have a global fan base inc a huge following in the US.

    Checked wiki on both clubs. Leeds United have a much far superior record.

    If Vince wants to make $$$ Leeds United is my bet, Newcastle have been hell with their owner Mike Ashly.

  • lazlo woodbine

    Joey Barton versus Big Show, Mark Henry and the Undertaker, any kind of deathmatch would suffice.

  • A

    Nevermind Carroll v Cena. I want to see Carroll, Joey Barton and Alan Smith taking on Nexus!

    P.S. – W-E – We all hate Leeds Scum!

  • Drew.

    As a part time ManCity fan, part time Newcastle fan:
    Buy it Vince. And put Andy Carroll in a no holds bar match against Cena so Cena can get his ass kicked.

  • W-E

    Being a Leeds United fan, he should put some money into us and then get lost 🙂

  • The_Electrifying_One

    If were going to get really technical if still Association Football. But who care’s anyway.

    Newcastle is a big club.Plus they have a 52,000 stadium which vince could use for summer events.

  • The Anti Cena

    Being from newcastle i really hope this happennes i mean yeah we will get ridiculed by other fans but we will be LOADED!

  • Hbk Fan

    Socder footbal either way if vince owned it it would fail

  • simonmdm

    Why would he want to buy Newcastle?

  • CiB

    To be fair we from the UK need to remember what the Americans call football, we call “Rugby for people who need to wear pads and helmets”. What they call soccer, we call football.

    Ofcourse, logically speaking, a game where people PICK UP THE BALL WITH THEIR HANDS, RUN WITH IT AND THEN SLAM IT DOWN BY CHUCKING IT WITH THEIR HANDS football isn’t really “football”- where’s the foot part come from?

  • Adz

    It’s definitely football, regardless of where you are from


    lol at the beginning of the Khali video he says WWF wrestler….I didn’t know he worked for the world wildlife foundation’s Wrestling team, actually I didn’t know they had one.

  • Dominic

    soccer/football…its all the bloody same, so I really don’t know what the problem is lol

  • W-E

    Sam, there is no need for the profanity. Being from England, I whole heartedly agree it’s a football team, but considering this site is catered toward the guys from across the pond, it’s soccer lol.

  • sam

    it’s not a fucking soccer team it’s a fucking football team