Vince McMahon ‘Fired’ WWE Star For Drugs?

Roddy Piper was the subject of A&E’s highly-successful Biography series. During which Vince McMahon was heavily featured. On this special, McMahon discussed the time where Piper was fired back in 2003 after Piper’s controversial HBO interview where he discussed fellow wrestlers passing away at an early age due to steroids and other drugs, and discussed his own drug use. Piper had previously returned to WWE on March 30, 2003, by conducting a surprise run in during the Hulk Hogan-Vince McMahon match at WrestleMania XIX in Seattle, Washington. Vince McMahon ‘rejected’ rehiring this WWE champion



Wrestling-Edge transcribed Vince’s comments. Discussing the interview, McMahon stated: “What the hell is he doing, and what the hell is he saying? Really?“ In addition he said, “A lot of times you lash out, and that’s what Roddy was doing. He was lashing out. If someone says rotten things about your company, you’re not going to welcome them with open arms. It’s time to say goodbye.”

In other news regarding Vince McMahon, recently released WWE talent, Chelsea Green gave one of her first interviews since being let go from the company to wrestling podcaster Chris Van Vliet. During the interview, Green discussed pitching ideas regarding her character to the WWE chairman. Credit to SportsKeeda for the below.

“I have no idea the way he is with everybody else,” said Green. “But he was very open to just listening to me!… So I went in there and I told him who I am, what I excel at and that I have so many ideas in my head. And I’ll give him any idea! I said, ‘What do you want, tell me what you want, because I can give it to you!’ And he said, ‘OK, so what are these ideas?’ So he let me list off these fifteen ideas I think. And he wrote them all down!”

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Michael Joseph
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