Vince McMahon Fires Top WWE Executive

Vince McMahon has released a top WWE executive today. Adnan Virk ‘Bad Mistake’ Before WWE Release Leaks.



The website wrote that they have confirmed that among those being released by World Wrestling Entertainment today is Brian Pellegatto, who held the title of Senior Vice President, Production for the company.

Hulk Hogan has been fired by Vince McMahon in the past, along with Steve Lombardi. Lombardi told Wrestling Shoot Interviews, “He told Vince [WWE Chairman Vince McMahon] that he wanted me with him everywhere, which I was privileged. But he says to me, ‘I just want you to know, you’re gonna get a lot of heat and you’re gonna have a lot of people mad at you.’ He said, ‘You’re gonna get a lot of heat.’ I said to Hogan, ‘Why?’ He goes, ‘Because you’re gonna be sitting first class with me and the agents are gonna be in the back.’

You should see [former WWE agent] Chief Jay Strongbow pass me. I’m in first class with Hogan, and he passes by, ‘Uh, Mr. Lombardi…’ That’s how we talked. ‘Mr. Lombardi, you’re riding a little bit of a gravy train, aren’t you?’ And Hogan goes, ‘I told you.’”

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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