WWE Fire Big Names For Surprising ‘Merger’

The pandemic played a role in WWE making many office cuts today, but Executive Vice President Kevin Dunn consolidating many WWE division also is part of the reason, with many set to be ‘folded’ into one division under Dunn with a merger. Adnan Virk ‘Bad Mistake’ Before WWE Release Leaks.



PWInsider.com reported, “One of the reasons for so many departures is that over the last year, the company has determined there were too many redundancies across multiple departments in those areas. One example cited to PWInsider.com is that there were two graphics departments, one for WWE TV production and one for digital and that they can easily be merged into one division, meaning the company could get that work done with a smaller group of staffers.”

WWE fired Jim Johnson a few years ago, and the company’s music has been criticized since. Booker T recently said on the Hall of Fame podcast, “I don’t think WWE concentrates enough on that one thing. You know what, I don’t think it’s because they’re not, you know, thinking about it more than anything. These are just my thoughts and my concepts. But my thing is, the entrance music, (there) should be more thought put into the entrance music because that music has to have the fans feel a certain way. It’s not just for the wrestler to walk out to. And I think that’s what’s not thought about as much.”

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