Vince McMahon Pulled WrestleMania Main Event Star

Triple H is currently the COO of WWE and he is also a veteran in the world of professional wrestling, having competed in several great matches and countless memorable moments during his time as an active in-ring competitor in the company.



Back in 2018 Triple H was still in charge of NXT and developing the brand in a way that fit his vision of what a pro wrestling brand should be like. For a very long time, Triple H’s vision bore fruit as NXT put on incredible matches and events for several years, often outclassing anything put out by the main roster in WWE.

Current AEW Star and former WWE Superstar Chris Jericho is no doubt one of the most accomplished and popular pro wrestlers to have ever stepped foot inside the squared circle. He has competed in several promotions such as WCW, WWE, ECW, New Japan Pro Wrestling, and AEW among others. Chris Jericho also previously dropped a major return bombshell. 

Chris Jericho also competed in quite a few matches in New Japan Pro-Wrestling, starting from his IWGP United States Championship against Kenny Omega back in 2018 to his matches for the IWGP Intercontinental Championship with Tetsuya Naito. He also squared off against Hiroshi Tanahashi back in 2020.

Jericho recently spoke on The Kurt Angle Show, where he revealed his backstage heat with Triple H led to him getting excluded from a huge match.

“The original plan for that WrestleMania, if you remember, it was a four-way title match with a McMahon in every corner. And it was Rock, Big Show, Triple H and Mick Foley, you know, Vince, Shane, Linda and Stephanie with whoever they were with. The original plan for that match was the four-way was Hunter, Rock, Big Show, and Jericho. And if you think I’m just saying that because I heard rumors or someone told me, they made promotional pieces for the match. And this is kind of like the press kit for WrestleMania 2000; it was what they called it.

I was never officially told that I was in the match, but why would I be there if it wasn’t true. And there was a billboard on Sunset Boulevard with this exact picture on it. I remember seeing it driving down and going, ‘Wow, that’s cool that I’m on that, and then they start talking about the four-way match, and I’m like, ‘I’ve got to be in it.'”

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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