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Vince McMahon rumored to have gotten in disagreement in Saudi Arabia

Vince McMahon AEW

We noted before how the majority of the WWE roster which flew in to Saudi Arabia for Crown Jewel has been stuck there and there have been contradicting reports on the reason for this delay.

Some sources suggested that mechanical issues stopped the plane from flying but a new report on the matter might completely change the perspective on the story.

Sean Ross Sapp of who first reported the story of the flight delay took on his Twitter recently and revealed that there have been rumors of Vince McMahon getting into a disagreement in Saudi Arabia.

While it’s too early to say if the disagreement had anything to do with the wrestlers being stuck in the region, due to the country’s history of human rights violation, this report is concerning a lot of fans

Though as we noted before, The Boss Vince McMahon himself has reportedly already left the country and it’s the other members of the staff who are stuck there.

Stay tuned for more updates on the story.

  • Philip Norris

    Maybe Vince has joined Tulsi Gabbard and her supporting the families of 9/11 victims suing Saudi Arabia. After all, a vast MAJORITY of Al-Queda and the 9/11 terrorists are of Saudi heritage, Heck, even Osama was a member of the Saud royal family, who continue to financially back ISIS/Al Queda and terrorist groups according to our intelligence reports.

    Seriously though, Vinny, you can’t bully bullies that are far richer than you WILL EVER BE.

  • Mike the Ike

    I would put money on less than 5% of tourists being non-muslim

  • Keith Learmonth

    Admittedly, their tourism peak is then the muslims make the pilgrimage to mecca, but if you think that’s the only tourism they have, you’re either being willfully ignorant, or you’ve been lied to.

  • Michael Justin Arnold

    Thankfully Im not MOST people, and there are most certaintly other reasons to visit Saudi Arabia besides money.

  • WminPhoenix

    If Vinnie Mac tried his bluster and bullying tactics in Saudi Arabia then he would quickly realize the Saudis don’t mess around with infidels.

  • Mike the Ike

    *muslim people

  • Mike the Ike


  • Keith Learmonth

    Plenty of people travel there. Tourism is literally a key component of their economy, and an even bigger part of the government’s 2030 vision.

  • Keith Learmonth

    Problem with that is, Vince is also needed in the US to coordinate the strategy for how to deal with this.
    I know it’s fun to make Vince always seem like the worst dude in the world, but what he did here was necessary.

  • Viva La Raza


  • Rinn13

    Umm……MOST people from civilized countries wouldn’t choose to travel to MOST Middle Eastern countries, most especially somewhere like Saudi Arabia. Nobody would go there EXCEPT for why WWE has been: money.

  • Michael Justin Arnold

    Their own fault? wtf? Just b/c you’re afraid to travel to the Near East doesnt mean everyone is

  • Unos #1Fan

    As a boss and leader Vince should have stayed with his team until he saw they were safely out of the country, but in true Vince fashion, he took his millions and left before anyone else.

  • rob

    well if something happens to them is their own fault for doing these shows

  • Omar

    “this report is concerning a lot of fans” I doubt it.