Vince McMahon ‘Stared’ At WWE Diva After Haircut

Bayley discussed Vince McMahon’s reaction to her haircut in a new Oral Sessions interview. She said the late Dusty Rhodes may not have been happy to see her lose her ponytail. Vince McMahon ‘despised’ a top ECW world champion.



“First, I think he would be so upset cause he’s the one who told me at my first match to put…I took my ponytail out. I was wrestling [Alicia] Fox, and it was my first time debuting the character, and I took my ponytail out when I got in the ring cause I figured there’s no way they’ll let me wear this. Dusty yelled at me when I came back, ‘Don’t ever take the ponytail down.’ I was like, ‘Ok.’ So, I never did again. So, I think he would be a little disappointed or sad, maybe?

He went through everything with me. He tried to help me with my promos for years, you know. Now, it’s to the point where I have my own talk show, and I’m a completely different character and [I] look completely different. I hope that he would be so, so, proud. I think he would be entertained by it.”

She said about Mr. McMahon’s reaction, “He was in the production office, and I walked in. [I go], ‘All right, Vince. Here I am.’ He kind of just stared at me for a second. And then I spun around to make sure he knows that I cut my hair. I did this awkward spin, and he goes, ‘[It] looks awesome!’” Wrestling Inc transcribed Bayley’s comments.

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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