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Rumor: Vince McMahon wants to use WWE money to fund XFL

Update: It has been confirmed by a WWE spokesperson that there is no truth to the rumor whatsoever.

Vince McMahon certainly has a lot on his plate right now. On top of running WWE where his decisions are final, he also is preparing for the 2020 re-launch of the XFL. It seems that the two might just merge together.

Brad Shepard reports that Vince McMahon is looking to “dabble” in WWE’s money and not from his own pocket. The said funds are supposed to provide additional funding for McMahon’s XFL project.

According to a source in the company, Vince McMahon wants to dabble into #WWE money (not personal stock) to provide additional funding for the #XFL, leaving some concern internally about how that may impact the company’s finances.

In the past, Vince McMahon said that WWE and XFL would be kept separate from each other. So it will be interesting to see if it does not end up being that way in the end.

  • oppa

    The front runner to buy it would be Disney. After what they’ve done to ESPN, I don’t want that to happen to WWE.

  • Soulshroude

    Is this article kidding? WWe money IS Vince’s, anyway. So it really doesn’t matter.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    Fake News

  • Sparti Love

    Probably not a good idea to risk this with AEW around the corner. AEW might not be competition now, or ever, but if XFL fails again, it could cripple WWE like back in the early 90s

  • Omar

    I hope it does happen. It will lead to some serious change, good or bad. As a life long wrestling fan I stopped watching WWE couple of years ago and only follow stuff on websites now (with occasional clips on youtube/twitter etc). Vince leaving would be one of the few things that might make me give WWE programming a chance again.

  • oppa

    That’s exactly what people are afraid will happen. Once the TV deals go into effect, they will reach a new record profit and it is believed that his financial advisor will tell him it’s time to sell the company, which would be worth over a billion dollars. It would be a case of Vince leaving WWE, but not in a way that people will like long term.

  • Omar

    He cant do that since XFL is a company independent of WWE. There is no overarching Titan Sports this time around. He will have to divest his stock and use that money to finance XFL.

  • Whistling Joe

    You mean he wants to use saudi blood money to fund the XFL. The XFL, brought to you by muslim butchers who still behead people in the year 2019.