What WWE originally planned for Tommaso Ciampa prior to neck surgery

Tommaso Ciampa is out of action as he had a neck injury which required him to have surgery. He relinquished his NXT title recently. However, NXT didn’t think this would happen so soon. They also didn’t expect Ciampa to be called up to the main roster and compete in matches.



Dave Meltzer said on Wrestling Observer Radio that Tommaso Ciampa will most likely be missing a year of action due to his injury. WWE didn’t initially plan for him to have surgery immediately.

“So the reason he had the surgery right way is he was told — the idea was — because he had known that he needed the surgery and that’s why he had hardly been doing any house shows. The idea was that he was gonna do the 2 out of 3 falls match with Gargano you know in Brooklyn and they were going to do the surgery right after. So they were probably going to ‘injure his neck’ in that match.”

“But he just couldn’t wait he said that he could have been paralyzed with any bump it could have been that bad.”

Meltzer added that the reason for Ciampa being called up to the main roster was due to the fact that “the right hand doesn’t know what the left is doing.” Ciampa working as a babyface was also a questionable decision as he was arguably the best heel in the company.

Triple H was not aware of Tommaso Ciampa’s main roster call-up until it was too late. So now Ciampa is out for a year and the main event match at TakeOver: New York had to be changed.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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