Will Ospreay departing from PROGRESS Wrestling: “Time to move on for good now”

Will Ospreay has revealed that he will be moving on from PROGRESS Wrestling.



During last night’s Chapter 87 event, Ospreay and his partner lost the PROGRESS Tag Team Championships and after the show the 25 year-old made the announcement.

Ospreay wrote:

That Was Progress.
Thanks for the memories & baby sitting me for 7 years.
Time to move on for good now.

I know sometimes I feel like I’ve let you down but I hope you all know that I honestly love this place & will do a lot to try to make up for it.


Ospreay performed for PROGRESS since 2012, and has held the PROGRESS Championship, as well as the Tag Team title as mentioned before. As for the future, the current NEVER Openweight Champion Ospreay will be seen competing at the G1 Supercard against ROH Television Champion Jeff Cobb in a winner takes all match.

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