Winning WEC Fighter Fails a Drug Test and Faces Fine, Suspension and More

– Keith Kizer of the Nevada State Athletic Commission released the drug testing results from WEC 42. The following athletes were tested for performance enhancing drugs as well as drugs of abuse:



* Miguel Torres
* Brian Bowles
* Dominick Cruz
* Takeya Mizugaki
* Leonard Garcia
* Cole Province
* Shane Roller
* Ed Ratcliff
* Diego Nunes

There was one positive test, which was Mr. Cole Province’s test. The test came back positive for Methasterone metabolite, a designer steroid that was banned back in 2005. Cole Province defeated Fredson Paixao via unanimous decision at the event but is now under temporary suspension until a formal hearing. He is facing a fine and a suspension, and his win over Paixao may also be overturned.

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