Women’s Division to get their own Elimination Chamber match?

The women’s division might be heading towards another first, at least according to a recent tweet late last night.



The official Twitter for the T-Mobile Arena in Paradise, Nevada sent out an interesting tweet in regards to WWE’s upcoming Elimination Chamber PPV.

According to this tweet, there will be 12 participants, meaning that there will be two Elimination Chamber matches. While this wouldn’t be the first time Elimination Chamber has held multiple chamber matches, this would be the first in the brand split era.

With the women’s division making history quite a few times recently, having their first ever Royal Rumble, MITB, and Hell in a Cell all in the course of two years, it wouldn’t be too surprising to see the Raw creative team book their top six female superstars in the match.

With the rumored plans of Rhonda Rousey, it’s possible we could see the former UFC champion take part in the first women’s chamber match.

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