WrestleMania Top Star Pulls Out After ‘Concern’

There were plans that WWE Chairman Vince McMahon would have a match at WrestleMania and it would be against WWE SmackDown commentator and former NFL star Pat McAfee. The WWE Chairman recently joined in for an interview on McAfee’s podcast and it was speculated that they would ignite a feud. However, there was a major change of plans last week after the interview.



Vince McMahon seemingly changed plans for the possible match

On the 2/28 episode of Raw, there was a backstage segment that strongly hinted at Austin Theory showing up with McMahon on the McAfee show to provide backup in case things got out of hand. Before McMahon arrived, McAfee’s co-host kind of let it slip that McAfee was about to set up a program with McMahon but that never ended up happening and Theory was not there.

As per the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, there was a big change of the original plans for the match. However, it seems that Vince will be involved in the match and it appears that there will be an angle to get McMahon involved, perhaps at ringside instead of making it a handicap match.

It was noted that there were plans for a match between McAfee and McMahon while Theory would have taken all of the bumps for McMahon. It turns out McMahon had second thoughts about advertising himself when they couldn’t deliver that match without smoke and mirrors. The angle between McAfee and Theory kicked off last week on SmackDown and we will see how the feud continues tonight on the show.

During his recent much-discussed appearance on the Pat McAfee Show, McMahon would discuss the best way to be a heel in professional wrestling. Credit to ClutchPoints for the following:

“When you’re committing to a character, as I said before, you have to get in.” “So you have to want people to dislike you. I mean, you want people to honestly, really dislike you. I guess maybe it’s pretty easy for me to do sometimes. But when you are really into that character, you think of things that motivate people and when you — even lying from a standpoint, it’s like, people think I was lying when I said, ‘you don’t lie? You? You don’t lie sometimes?’ You know, it’s like, come on; any number of lies you tell every day, little ones, sometimes they’re big ones and what have you, but it’s like things and topics like that, that people can relate and be able to mash the emotional buttons and to get a reaction like that. Man, that is a thrill.”

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