Wrestler Leaks Drug Test After Abuse Allegation

Former IMPACT Wrestling star Davey Richards is a veteran of the independent circuit with multiple singles and tag team title reigns under his belt. The 40-year-old has competed in Ring of Honor, Major League Wrestling, and Over the Top Wrestling to name a few. Richards found himself in hot waters after controversy sparked certainly. He has been accused of domestic violence which led to his retirement.



The accusations led to several wrestling promotions cutting ties with the former Ring of Honor world Champion. Davey Richards had previously deactivated his social media.

Given that a former partner of Davey Richards alleged that he was involved in a considerable amount of drug usage, he responded by showing an image of a drug test while reaffirming that there are no domestic violence charges against him.

“I pulled myself from show not spoil a fans wrestling experience and I was confident in the truth,” he wrote.

Richards also said that he could retaliate, but doesn’t want the fallout of it to directly affect his ex-partner’s wrestling career or his son while stating his intention to return to wrestling.

He recently wrote: “A bitter ex wife saga – I could retaliate against her and hurt her “career” in wrestling. But inevitably, that would affect my son. So I will be the bigger person and choose to remain quiet.”

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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