Wrong episode of Impact Wrestling aired once again, this time by Spike TV

Spike TV UK reportedly aired the wrong episode of Impact Wrestling this past Friday.



The television network has issued an apology regarding the same, whilst reassuring Impact Wrestling fans that it will air the previously scheduled episode this week, in a double bill along with the latest episode of Impact Wrestling.

Below are the tweets sent out by Spike TV UK regarding their botched Impact Wrestling episode-broadcast:

Additionally, The Fight Network (that is owned by Impact Wresting owners Anthem) in Canada made a similar error in January of this year. Here are the social media posts from The Fight Network and Impact Wrestling addressing the same-

Impact Wrestling has been making the headlines a lot as of late, ranging from Anthem Sports and Entertainment’s ongoing legal battle with the Hardys over the usage rights of the Broken gimmick, to the departure of several top stars from the promotion.

Nevertheless, it’s interesting to note that the promotion has brought in several familiar faces including industry veterans such as Dutch Mantel (WWE’s Zeb Colter), Bruce Prichard, Jeff Jarrett and Alberto El Patron aka former WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio to name a few.

The change of ownership in Impact Wrestling has been chaotic thus far, and the company trucks on in the face of adversity in hopes of regaining the momentum it had grasped last year during the sudden rise to prominence of Matt Hardy and the Broken storyline.

The next few months are without a doubt extremely pivotal for Impact Wrestling and will determine the fate of the struggling promotion.

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