WWE 24/7 Championship changes hands twice

R-Truth managed to escape SmackDown Live this week with the 24/7 Championship around his waist. Though he initially lost it to Elias during a Lumberjack Match, he managed to pin the Troubadour under the ring after the fact, reclaiming the belt for his fourth reign.



Today, Jinder Mahal managed to roll Truth up on the tarmac as they were waiting to leave for Jeddah. Truth was talking on the phone and said that they had already made the first leg of the flight, and believed that he couldn’t lose the title on foreign ground.

Well, Truth didn’t take long to exact his revenge. After winning the title, Mahal hid in the plane’s restroom until everyone had fallen asleep. He then hid under a blanket and went to sleep. Truth, followed by a referee, then came in and checked on every superstar under a blanket.

After disturbing a few superstars, he finally found Mahal. Truth pinned the Modern Day Maharaja, reclaiming the gold, then was chased into another restroom where he’d wait until the coast was clear.

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