More on WWE Not Allowing Melina at RAW, Internal Heat on John Morrison

– As noted before, Melina was not allowed into the building at last night’s WWE RAW in San Jose. The feeling was that there would have been major drama about her release if they would have let her into the backstage area. The entire WWE security team was informed not to allow her entry. There was a concern that Melina would physically cause a problem backstage.



Also as noted earlier, WWE officials weren’t happy with Melina joining John Morrison over the weekend at RAW live events. Officials are very down on Morrison over the incident, feeling that it was a huge breach of backstage etiquette.

Morrison’s current deal with WWE is up in a few months and the recent heat adds to speculation that WWE won’t resign him. One source adds that Melina may have burnt her bridge with WWE after her reactions online to being released.

Source: PWInsider

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