WWE and AEW both reportedly want Matt Sydal

Matt Sydal is one of the most athletic pro-wrestlers in the scene today. The man formerly known as Evan Bourne has been tasting success on various wrestling platforms for the better half of the decade.



Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Radio noted that Sydal is currently being sought by both AEW and WWE. Apparently, Sydal’s deal with Impact Wrestling ended on January 1st and since then he’s been a free agent.

However, this hasn’t gained a lot of attention because Sydal is currently out with a knee injury. Sydal should get himself medically cleared in the coming months, according to Meltzer.

Furthermore, Meltzer reports that Impact is also serious about getting him back on the road with them due to his skillset.

This means that Sydal has three huge companies competing against each other to get him on board. We should know what choice he makes in the coming weeks.

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