WWE announces injury to Raw Star

As seen on this week’s episode of Raw, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Jason Jordan faced the team of Samoa Joe and the Raw Tag Team Champions The Bar.



During the match, Ambrose looked to have hurt his arm. The trio of Joe, Cesaro and Sheamus focused on his arm in the post-match attack during a backstage segment as well, leaving people wondering if he has really suffered some real damage.

After the show, WWE posted the following statement regarding his status, saying that the Lunatic Fringe suffered an injury during the show:

Dean Ambrose suffers arm injury on Raw

The Samoan Submission Machine and The Bar exacerbate The Lunatic Fringe’s arm injury.

Dean Ambrose sustained an injury to his right arm during Raw’s Six-Man Tag Team Match, and the damage was exacerbated when his opponents, Samoa Joe and Raw Tag Team Champions Cesaro & Sheamus, assaulted The Lunatic Fringe in the trainer’s room. The attack culminated when Joe slammed a road case onto Ambrose’s arm, leaving him writhing in pain.

Ambrose was taken to a nearby medical facility for X-rays and evaluation, and more details on his condition should be available tomorrow.

At this point, it’s not known if Ambrose is actually injured or if this is a kayfabe injury. Though we’ll keep you posted if any more details regarding his condition come to light.

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