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WWE apparently changed plans for King Corbin on Smackdown

WWE simply has many things going on and so ideas do not always make it onto WWE television. Vince McMahon has the last say in anything that goes on in the company.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer discussed Vince McMahon dropping pushes for Superstars. He then talked about a storyline that was nixed, even after it was tested during house shows. He revealed that Drake Maverick was initially going to be the manager for Corbin, but that did not end up happening.

It was also noted that if WWE decides to return to that storyline with Maverick, “they’ll have to bring in another writing team because [Bruce] Prichard won’t be doing that.”

For now, there seem to be no plans for any change in King Corbin’s storyline.

  • CC

    “Even after it was tested during house shows”
    The important word there is “tested”.
    The whole point of trialling ideas at house shows is to guage reaction from the crowd and also to see how much WWE creative thinks it works (not just Vince).
    There have been many angles or gimmicks trialled at house shows that never made it past one or a few house shows, these include teams, feuds or heel/face turns.
    It is nothing unusual, and generally there is a good reason to not go ahead with them.