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Vince McMahon seemingly gave up on WWE Superstar’s push

Vince McMahon has the last word in everything that goes on in WWE. So if he loses interest in a Superstar, it is unlikely he will be pushed again anytime soon. This is the case with a current WWE Superstar.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer was asked if Paul Heyman could push EC3. Meltzer said that it was unlikely as Vince McMahon already made up his mind. Meltzer’s opinion is that Vince McMahon gave up on EC3 very quickly. They also tried putting him together with Drake Maverick to recapture their feud in TNA, but Vince “hated” that as well. Meltzer also does not think Paul Heyman was the one to give up on EC3.

Fans were looking forward to seeing what he would accomplish in WWE. However, they are surely disappointed at the turn of events. McMahon simply lost interest in him far too soon. We will have to see what’s in store for EC3 once he returns.

  • IRHumin

    Quite frankly, he’s not good enough.


    Ec3 a jobber or pair him with axel n dallas n slater

  • CC

    Well what about Tyler Black? Kevin Steen? Brock Lesnar (he left, made a bigger name for himself and came back)? Rey Mysterio who made his name in WCW?

    There has been plenty of burials no doubt, but there are certainly names on the WWE roster who are bigger in WWE than they were on the indys. People seem to forget just how many current wrestlers were names on the indy circuit before getting to WWE.

  • Michael Justin Arnold

    Yea, just AJ & Daniel Bryan. But they’re just too good to ignore

  • Sparti Love

    He barely even got a run in NXT.. I’m surprised since EC3 has the look that makes Vince’s pants all sticky

  • D_Ohm

    He should have been repackaged in NXT. His backstory and gimmick name is from TNA. It’s like if DC picked up an image or darkhorse character then put them in a main story and expected people to now that characters history.

  • Dirt McGirt

    Vince hates anyone who left and got over and came back or made a name for themselves elsewhere. Outside of AJ Styles, there isn’t one person on that roster that is as big or bigger than they were before coming to WWE.

  • CC

    What do you mean “gave up his push”?
    He never even gave him a push. Right from the moment he hit the main roster he was buried.